First US Ebola death.

By Trissean McDonald

Thomas Eric Duncan, 42, the first person with a case of Ebola in America, died in isolation at a hospital in Dallas on Wednesday. Thomas died at 7:51am at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas.

The virus was detected on September 30, 2014. Reportedly, his condition had worsened in recent days to critical from serious as medical professionals assisted in supporting his fluid and electrolyte levels.

Duncan was admitted into isolation on September 28, 2014 with common symptoms of Ebola: fever, vomiting, and diarrhea. Other symptoms of Ebola may include: red eyes, raised rash, chest pain and cough, stomach pain, severe weight loss, and bleeding of the eyes, nose, and rectum.

According to the CDC, Ebola does not spread through the air. Ebola is transmitted by direct contact with the bodily fluids of a person who is sick with the symptoms listed. The bodily fluids may include: saliva, mucous, vomit, feces, sweat, tears, breast milk, urine, and semen. Duncan, later after admission, tested positive for Ebola that has killed approximately over 3,400 people in west Africa.

Witnesses reportedly say Duncan had been helping Ebola patients in Liberia. Liberian Community leader Tugben Chieh said Duncan was caring for an Ebola-infected patient at a residence in Paynesville City, just outside Monrovia.

The New York Times reported that Duncan had direct contact with a pregnant woman stricken with Ebola on September 15, 2014, days before he left for the US. According to the CDC’s Frieden, Thomas symptoms started to appear “four or five days” after his trip back to the US.

Thomas first walked into Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital (Dallas) after 10:00pm on September 25, 2014. Duncan reportedly had a fever and was vomiting during his first visit to the Dallas Hospital. The hospital, in a statement stated, he (Duncan) had a “low grade fever and abdominal pain.”

He underwent basic blood test but wasn’t screen for Ebola during his first visit, said Dr. Edward Goodman from the hospital in Dallas. Duncan was reportedly given antibiotics and pain relievers. “His condition did not warrant admission,” the hospital said. “He also was not exhibiting symptoms specific to Ebola.”

Photo: unknown source

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