Extreme health hazards 

LOCATION: 2422 Venice Blvd.

                 Los Angeles, CA 90019

“To whom it may concern, there’s multiple health infractions within the building that are potentially hazardous. For instance, the building has several community shared restrooms and kitchen that are unusable. In the upper bathroom, there’s been a sign up stating the toilet is out of order for nearly 2 months. However, there’s several tenants that are taking it upon themselves to become reluctant towards the cautionary. There’s a pile up of defecation inside the toilet that’s leaving the place smelling extremely repugnant. I’ve made several complaints concerning the potential health hazard to the manager and Health Inspections. The Health Inspectors, as well as myself, informed Mark Lee (Manger) of the infractions. It’s undetermined what was actually conveyed between the manger and Health Inspections. Furthermore, the manger gets annoyed and slams the door in my face when I communicate infractions. In fact, he’s planning to take me to court for an alleged attack to finalize a restraining order against me. Within the statement it’s detailed, “On June 22, 2015, tenant verbally and physically abused the on-site manager Mark Lee, physically assaulted Mark Lee who sustained injury to his arm and leg, refused to leave his unit when demanded, trespassed of Mark Lee’s unit, created nuisance and disturbance at the property by his actions. Witnesses are Mark Lee and tenant.

“Within Three days after the service of this notice, you are required to quit and deliver up possession of the Premises to Lessor. You are required to acknowledge the surrender of your Premises in a clean condition along with the keys to:

Jim H. Park, ESQ

Park Law, APC

3700 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 435

Los Angeles, CA 90010

There’s no proof of any fisticuffs or any physical assault. There was indeed evidence of a verbal dispute. However, the claims made against me are fabricated. I have proof of all the egregiously nauseating stuff that goes on here. It’s so sickening, I have to warn you to please prepare yourself:” 



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