Illegal Marijuana Operation-Baldwin Hills

By Trissean McDonald

Los Angeles, California: At 4258 Don Luis Drive Los Angeles, California 90008, Daron Lynn Jones, the manager, has been reportedly growing an illegal marijuana operation.

Several tenants alleges that Mr. Jones takes their marijuana licenses prescribed by medical physicians, makes copies of their recommendations, and uses them to grow voluminous plants discreetly. Prior moving into the environment, he reportedly doesn’t disclose the operation. Rather, he allegedly states that he needs proof of individuals’ licenses, due to the fact that some tenants are dishonest.

Perhaps he’s secretively taking¬†people recommendations due to the house being reportedly raided before. Whatever the reasons are behind his intentions, he is definitely putting himself as well as other tenants in legislative danger. One anonymous tenant took the liberty to exploiting the operation to the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration); however, there has not been follow-up, or any response given as to the outcome. The same tenant released an evevidential photo of the operation that will be seen later.

for the previous raid, there is no information as to whether the manager was arrested or not. However, it’s been reported that the operation became seized. Also, there is no information as to whether any tenants were arrested or not. Several present tenants are uncomfortable paying their rent; some haven’t even paid for this month.

Another anonymous tenant states that Daron has been making up allegations of him/her stealing a marijuana plant. He/she alleges that Daron persuaded two other tenants to devise fabricated stories against him/her. Since he/she feels violated by the allegations and the illegal operation, the tenant is now getting backlashes for refusal to pay rent. The same tenant alleges that Daron makes many allegations towards other tenants in hopes for them to move; he also blackmails them to get his way.IMG_1181