#BINC-Bohemia Incorporated STr33T Art

By Trissean McDonald

Bohemia Incorporated, or BINC for short, is captivating the public with elaborate crafted sculptures mounted on freeways and other unusual places, “bringing you some of the world’s best street art. No more spray cans, only sculptures in the form of street art.”

Their artwork is exquisite in detail, beholding to the eyes that looks upon it, and all done without painting over public property. The artistry behind their sculpture(s) makes the artwork look rather realistic.

BINC took me to several of their art locations. One of the most intriguing of all the art pieces is the “At Water Vilage” in Silver Lake, California. To be more concise in location, the cross streets are Fletcher Dr./ Riverside Dr. Also, there’s a mermaid sculpture located on the 10 interstate west, before the Overland off ramp, on the right-hand side of the interstate. This sculpture may be ignored, due to the sculpture being on the interstate’s wall, and because of its size. However if spotted, the lifeless figurine enlightens the imagination within seconds.

Although I wasn’t able to capture the mermaid due to the vehicle I was in being in motion, If you’re thirsty to bestow some of the artwork, don’t worry.  You could  follow them via. Also, you’ll be able to see the mermaid on interstate 10 west via Instagram.

http://instagram.com/bohemiaincorporated. Check them out on their new FaceBook Page: https://m.facebook.com/Bohemia-Incorporated-484843725020465/.
  (At Water Vilage)

 Photo Credit: KL @StreetAsArt (Twitter)


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