MaCArther Park’s contaminated water 

By Trissean McDonald

Whilst strolling through MacArther Park, my group and I managed to interview a hispanic male, who may have perhaps been in his 50s. The man’s name is Raymond; however, his last name wasn’t given for the record. Since Raymond’s English is extremely limited, the information that he gave to us wasn’t really elaborative. However, when asked about the MacArther Park’s lake water, without hesitation, he conveyed his concerns. “Dirty.”

Raymond, although disturbed by the egregious putrefaction of the lake, its garbage polluted water, frequents the area at least 2 times a week for the past 5 years. Therefore, it could possibly be concluded that he has a bitter-sweet relationship with the MacArther Park area.

Additionally Travis, a member within my investigative group, spoke to a Michael McCarten; he’s a freelance photographer who specializes in animal photography. He displayed his concerns of the water and the environment of the lake, and how he thought it was affecting the abundant wildlife of the birds.

Travis showed Michael a sample of the lake’s water that he personally collected. Michael conveyed his disgust, stating that it’s hazardous to the society and the health of the animals. Michael is originally from the San Jose region, noting that today was his first time he’s ever been to the lake.

Lastly, the team interviewed Anthony Frontino: a close shaved, nicely groomed young man from the Hillcrest area of San Diego, who was visiting Los Angeles. This was his second time visiting the park. When everyone was asked about the lake’s water, it seemed rather unanimous in response. Horrendously disgusting.

The Painted Brain Academy is a program that specializes in journalism, photojournalism tactics, and social media literacy.

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