The Voice Judge’s Special Performance. 

By Trissean McDonald

On June 30, 2016 The Voice is scheduled to air a live performance with judges Miley Cyrus, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, and Alicia Keys at Universal. As crowds are increasing, the sun pratically scorching almost everyone in its sight, a certain crew member is perhaps affected somehow by it all. I mean, not giving me a disclaimer to sign even after I informed the member of not signing a disclaimer? Oops. The member shunned the issue and had me proceed, as I did.

*With that said, I have impunity over the disclaimer.

Although the preparations are time consuming, hours of downtime without a cellphone to pass time, people still have ways of keeping themselves entertained. The crew members also assists in entertaining people. One crew memeber engages in impersonations of well-known celebrities, including Miley Cyrus; however, ended up making a fool of himself. Not because of him pretending to be Miley Cyrus; however, it’s because of the crew member not knowing the words to her songs that made him look rather foolish.

Almost any person he impersonates, he makes that person out a disaster. Nevertheless Miley Cyrus, yes the real Miley Cyrus, was absolutely phenomenal. Before seeing the judges perform, everyone is waiting outside by the famous clock tower from the movie “Back To The Future.”

In the background you could hear Adam Levine warming up; however, he isn’t visible due to it being a rehearsal. What song is he singing? Not “This Love” or “Sugar.” Would you have guessed “Dream On” by Aerosmith? Yes, all the judges are singing “Dream On;” yet, you only hear Levine rehearsing that high “Dream On, Dream On” with the final “Ahhhhhh.”

Luckily, I am front crowd. I see the judges face-to-face. Adam has on a dark-colored tank-top with white horizontal stripes, Blake has on a blue button down, Miley has on a red and white suit, Alicia has on a white jacket with artistic colorful designs and a head wrap to match.

Selected individuals were given illuminating wristbands prior entering the stage. Once escorted to the stage, there are stunt personals standing on top of roof sets, sitting on the edge of window sets, and even sitting on the edge of banisters. They all have on an illuminating wrist band.

Cameras are everywhere, practically 360 degrees. The lights are dim and the spotlights are on. As the crowd is being prepped, the stunt personals are seen making hand puppet shadows, amusing several onlookers as myself. Great energy from the crowd and judges, perticularily Miley Cyrus. She displays so much energy. A fan actually agrees by detaching her bra and giving it to Miley. Miley wits, “See what happens when you don’t wear clothes, people just start giving you theirs.”

There are about 3-4 takes and it is all over. Everyone departs and heads back towards the shuttle to be taken to the starting point. This is set to air September 19, 2016. Check out Miley Cyrus Instagram for more information:


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