LRT 2nd annual music video awards 

By: Trissean McDonald

Los Angeles, California: LRT 2nd annual music video awards took place at the #GlobeTheater August 20, 2016, from 5:30 p.m.-10:00 p.m. This award’s ceremony is specifically designated to congratulate the hard work of underground artists and/or entrepreneurs.

The environment was rather calm and composed, even though events supporting hip/hop artistry at times could impose negative scrutiny and/or stigma. With two bars on each side of the room, several people took advantage of the services. The inside of the Globe Theater reminds one of an old gothic playhouse. However, there weren’t any chairs bolted to the ground. All of the chair were fold-ups, making the atmosphere more urban to fit the theme of the night.

There was a faint odor of the ganja; nevertheless, the source wasn’t found. I’m guessing where there is hip/hop or urban music, there’s always a possibility of marijuana being present. The artists are well-known underground artists, and if you’re intrigued by underground artistry, you may know some of the individuals. Overall it was a short ceremony, with the red carpet event devouring most of the time.

Nevertheless, though the time was running short, everything still managed to run smoothly. There were several live performances in the genre of Hip/Hip, Pop, Country Rap, also including Christian urban music.

Several artists obviously took home awards that were blue in color and rectangular in shape, almost comparable to that of a jewelry box. All performances were executed nicely. Marking a conclusion, that it was definitely a night worth experiencing wonderful artistry and artists.

Trissean McDonald

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