Spring “Break” The Expensive Vacation Time Find Cheap Alternatives For Spring Break 2017 In LA

By Trissean McDonald
It’s common for the average college student to spend excessive amounts of money on instant gratification when it comes to spring break. However, there are inexpensive routes to fun. It could be time to consider a picnic at a beach with some college friends and a game of ultimate Frisbee, or a fun time at Knott’s Berry Farm.

Many students who attend L.A. City College are from this area. A familiarity with Southern California might lead students to think negatively about spring break on local turf. However, Los Angeles welcomed 47.3 million visitors in 2016 according to the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board.
Countless tourists will pour into the City of Angels to spend their spring break this year. Some of them will save cash and students can join them.

Head to the 6200 block of Sunset Boulevard and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It’s less than three miles from campus. The names and stars of legendary Hollywood personalities are at your feet.

Venice Beach is a destination for low-cost fun. It’s 18 miles from campus to the Venice Boardwalk. Get Uber or Lyft and avoid parking headaches. Take a stroll through the area and take in this multicultural city and its artistic atmosphere.


The City of Angeles is more than just a hometown for celebrities. It’s home to beautiful animals, plants, and also the Getty Museum. You could visit beautiful animals and the wonderful foliage at Griffith Park, which is free, according to griffithobsevatory.org. The famed Getty Museum is also free according to Getty.edu.

Consider spending some romantic quality time with your “bae” at the Blue Ribbon Garden at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. According to We Like L.A., were you aware that there’s a “hidden rooftop garden” at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown Los Angeles? And, it’s free! “The garden is surrounded by the curves and *and [the] exterior of the halls *and [are] decked out with lush landscape centered around an intricate mosaic blue rose fountain dedicated to late Lillian Disney (Walt Disney’s wife).” Wouldn’t you say that’s romantic? 

Also, LACMA, the Norton Simon Museum, the Huntington Gardens and MOCA all have free museum days. Websites offer complete schedules and information.

Walking through Venice, the Walk of Fame or Griffith Park can cause you to work up an appetite. Happily, there are cheap eats everywhere in the city. Tere’s Mexican Grill is a great recommendation according to CBS L.A. Tere’s is located on 5870 Melrose Ave Ste 101, Los Angeles, CA 90038, according to its website. The menu prices starts as low as $7.75.

Or perhaps you may want to try The Bun Shop in Koreatown, located on 151 North Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90004. The menu prices starts as low as $3.75, according to thebunshopla.com. 

In Los Angeles, you’ll never have to worry about spending big bucks on food, unless you choose to, of course.

What if you might not be interested in the previous activities mentioned? Perhaps you’re an individual that enjoys the nightlife. Well, in that case, you could head for Hollywood. According to CBS Los Angeles, The Viper Room and Boulevard3 might be some suitable options of your interest to choose from. 

The Viper Room, located on 8852 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069, welcomes numerous musical artists at their nightclub. To see these artist, the coverage for Viper is usually around $10.00. For intense, on April 1, “LA Story” will be hosting a concert at 8:00pm, with tickets starting at exactly $10.00, according to The Viper Room’s website. 

Then, there’s Boulevard3, located on 6523 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028. 
Famulari, the founder of Boulevard3 and a native from NYC, visualized clubs as “big, free-flowing and dramatic,” and became inspired by New York’s Studio 54 and The Tunnel, the crucial foundations for creating Boulevard3. “There really are no dance places in Los Angeles,” Famulari states. He continues, “people go to clubs and stare at the wall.” Therefore, the club welcomes Flamenco dancers, aerial performers, and other unexpected and unforgettable surprises at its club. The coverage for Boulevard3? It’s $20, according to the club’s website. 

Also, if you’re into thrillers, Los Angeles is home to several amusement parks. As mentioned previously, Knott’s Berry Farm is amongst one of these options, with tickets starting at $44.00, if purchased online. Six Flags is another inexpensive amusement park, with tickets starting at $54.99, if also purchased online.

The Collegian conducted interviews with several Los Angeles City College students, some who are “just working and staying at home.” However, The Collegian found Valene Galindo. Galindo gave The Collegian some valuable information, although she might also stay home. “I visited a place in Koreatown called [WiSpa]” which offers a 24hr service, “but I’m staying at home.” 

WiSpa is located on 2700 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90057. The prices are rather inexpensive, with an admission fee of $25 for a Jjimjilbang (JJB) and Sauna treatment, according to its website. An awesome place to open up your chakras. Thanks for the information, Valene (Pre-Nursing).   

Los Angeles has a lot to offer tourist and also natives. Nevertheless, the natives take for granted all the miraculous wonders of the city. However, if natives were to think a second, they’ll probably agree that being in Los Angeles for spring break is a privilege.

So, what’s the point of putting a giant hole into your pocket by going to another city for entertainment, when you could enjoy every moment of spring break in Los Angeles and still have money to spare?



By Trissean McDonald

 March 13, 2017 10:31am

An alleged suspect on the corner of Melrose/Vermont was arrested on a DUI charge, as well as injuring a police officer, according to Officer Mireles of the LAPD North/East division.

The alleged suspect, who was not identified during a briefing with Officer Mireles, was witnessed by two students from Los Angeles City College, Ixchel Hernandez and Danya Garcia, who both saw the alleged suspect get “pulled out of the car by force.” 

According to Officer Mireles, the alleged suspect was completely uncooperative. The alleged suspect was so disorderly, that officers had to break the driver-side window and tasered the alleged suspect to the ground, after injuring one officer with his vehicle. The Collegian was informed that the officer was pinned between 2 cars. Fortunately, the officer reportedly walked away with minor injuries. 

The vehicle that the alleged suspect used to impair the officer was a grey VW (Volkswagen) with license plate number, 7TUK955. The car was not reported stolen. However, all tires were deflated after the officer-involved injury occurred. It’s inconclusive whether or not LAPD deflated the tires. There were no weapons involved, minus the vehicle. 

The alleged suspect’s car was storage for a lot of questionable items such as: prescription bottles, an empty grape Swisher wrapper, presumably used as a marijuana component on the passenger’s seat, and a brown balled up blanket. 

The alleged suspect was wearing mocha brown pants, a grey sweater, a grey shirt underneath the sweater, as well as grey, white, and black Nike’s.

He appeared to be injured upon apprehension; however, he was strapped onto a gurney and placed into an ambulance with a squad car following behind.


Petty Traffic Ticket 

By Trissean McDonald

I totally hate petty traffic tickets and the court experiences behind them. And, I’m for certain that it’s the same for anyone else.

Time is wasted, expletives are racing in your head, you just want to spill them out. However, you’re consciously aware that if you were to, you’re being placed in the back seat of the black and white.

 It has you wondering, “what grass of shit did you step in this morning, officer?” Especially when it’s a lite infraction such as, riding a bike across a crosswalk while the hand is blinking, yet the light is still green. Then, being signaled to continue across the crosswalk only to be escorted to the right and issued a citation.

It’s understandable if the light was yellow or red. But green? Mm…Yeah, somebody must have put some sour cream in Officer Grimmer’s coffee.

There’s nothing wrong with traffic tickets, if there’s a legitimate reason for them. For example, a car parked in the red, or a person walking across a crosswalk while the hand is red; driving intoxicated, parking in the handicap section without a permit, speeding, these are legitimate reasons for traffic tickets.

However, traffic tickets can be gratuitous in the sense of riding a bicycle, (something faster than human legs), past a crosswalk while the hand is red and the light green.

Court appearances. More wasted time and money. If only I had boobs, I would have been able to talk my way out of this one.

The gag is, I’ve rode my bike past many officers while the traffic light was at green and the hand at red. However, I’ve never been harassed. It was petty, and he’s a jerk. But hey, Karma’s a bitch, right? And it’s always at work.