By Trissean McDonald

 March 13, 2017 10:31am

An alleged suspect on the corner of Melrose/Vermont was arrested on a DUI charge, as well as injuring a police officer, according to Officer Mireles of the LAPD North/East division.

The alleged suspect, who was not identified during a briefing with Officer Mireles, was witnessed by two students from Los Angeles City College, Ixchel Hernandez and Danya Garcia, who both saw the alleged suspect get “pulled out of the car by force.” 

According to Officer Mireles, the alleged suspect was completely uncooperative. The alleged suspect was so disorderly, that officers had to break the driver-side window and tasered the alleged suspect to the ground, after injuring one officer with his vehicle. The Collegian was informed that the officer was pinned between 2 cars. Fortunately, the officer reportedly walked away with minor injuries. 

The vehicle that the alleged suspect used to impair the officer was a grey VW (Volkswagen) with license plate number, 7TUK955. The car was not reported stolen. However, all tires were deflated after the officer-involved injury occurred. It’s inconclusive whether or not LAPD deflated the tires. There were no weapons involved, minus the vehicle. 

The alleged suspect’s car was storage for a lot of questionable items such as: prescription bottles, an empty grape Swisher wrapper, presumably used as a marijuana component on the passenger’s seat, and a brown balled up blanket. 

The alleged suspect was wearing mocha brown pants, a grey sweater, a grey shirt underneath the sweater, as well as grey, white, and black Nike’s.

He appeared to be injured upon apprehension; however, he was strapped onto a gurney and placed into an ambulance with a squad car following behind.



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