Be Aware Of Your Restroom Visits At LACC 

By: Trissean McDonald
6/26/2017 6:02pm 

It’s quite disturbing to have to wonder if you’re amongst a sexual predator while using one of the restrooms at Los Angeles City College, after witnessing one alleged sexual predator who was detained today on campus for that very reason. 

Edward Salm, a white male in his 50’s, bald, and heavy-built was detained inside the FH building on the 3rd floor for an alleged indecent exposure charge. An anonymous student placed in a report with LACC Sheriff Department around 1:30pm. 

 The student who unfortunately had to cross paths with the alleged suspect, witnessed Salm “moaning and using phrases to express his pleasure.” The student continues telling LACC Sheriff, “he stood in front of my stall and began ‘jerking-off’. He left my stall, then went to the urinal and started masturbating. He turned around to look at me.”

LACC Sheriff Department storms into the restroom 5-10 minutes after the report and confronts the alleged suspect. Salm had on a pair of red shorts, a grey shirt, and a pair of dark colored shoes. He came out of the restroom handcuffed. Salm was then escorted out of the FH building. The student was escorted out by Sheriff officials as well, following after Salm.  

The student was adamant about pressing charges and went about the procedures. However, the student was informed by LACC Sheriff that it would have to be a citizen’s arrest because the alleged suspect denied all charges. Therefore, the case would be considered as “hearsay” and perhaps thrown out.

Even though the alleged suspect denied the allegation, Edward Salm said, “sorry if I did anything to offend him,” according to LACC Sheriff Deputy Wang. However, that wasn’t enough proof for an actual arrest. Yet, nobody has to be a scholar to know that that is a form of guilt. 

This information leaves the student contemplating whether or not to continue the process. Then after meditating on the issue, the student decided to drop the charges. However if Edward Salm “is found back on school campus, he will be arrested for trespassing,” according to Deputy Wang. 

The LACC Sheriff deputy that is investigating this alleged incident is Deputy Dexter Jones. Upon speaking with Deputy Jones he stated that, “there’s no signs posted saying ‘no trespassing’.” He continues, “the only way that he could be arrested for trespassing is if this was a private school.” This is an ongoing investigation. 

If you were to encounter a similar incident, or you may perhaps know someone with a similar story, contact the LACC Sheriff’s Department at (323) 662-5276. 


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