A Thanksgiving To Remember

A Thanksgiving To Remember

By Trissean McDonald

Thankful is a term that’s ambiguously defined, especially on a day in America dedicated to appreciation. Stuffing family coming together to eat, sharing in laughter and song a re-taping of the American Music Awards that aired on ABC Sunday, Nov. 19, 2017, at 5 p.m. PST is a Thanksgiving that was worth remembering for him.

Christina Aguilera gave tribute to the legendary Whitney Houston’s 25th year anniversary of the “Bodyguard” at the American Music Awards. Aguilera’s performance at the AMA received mixed reactions from social media. Pink’s reaction, however, was undoubtedly the primary focus of the event. Media assisted in exaggerating her reaction, stirring up controversy and causing many to question the pop singer’s expression.

Pink defended her reaction that’s been gravitating negative comments rather than positive. She claims the rumors of the two having a beef with each other are not true. In fact, Pink stated that she supports Aguilera, and feels as if the public perpetuates keeping women apart because of the power of women when they come together.

“Waking up to see a newly created [rift] between myself and another incredible woman, Christina, who took on an incredible feat, [whom] I support fully, makes me so sad. You all perpetuate keeping women apart b/c you’re afraid of the power we have when we get together,” said Pink via Twitter.

Immediately after watching the AMA, Stuffing went over to his brother and his wife’s kitchen bar to begin watching the both of them cook together. Two young married couple, romantically working together to create a delicious meal. Stuffing sister-in-law, Punkin Face, stands in front of Stuffing dicing cheese and is continually asking Stuffing brother, String Beans, what to do next. String Beans is at the stove assisting in preparing the Mac’ and Cheese as well as dicing potatoes for roasting.

Several minutes of sitting at the kitchen bar Stuffing mother, Turkey Spice, takes a seat by Stuffing and begins conversing with String Beans, Punkin Face, and Stuffing. The conversation ranged from absurdities to Black Friday, from food to make-up, then to eye-contacts. Turkey Spice is a unique woman. If a picture could aid in describing eccentricity, she would qualify for candidacy. An image of a child, youthfulness, and creativity is all bundle up in this woman.

String Beans and Punkin Face prepared the food rather swiftly. As Stuffing was about to start a round of “Battle Born” on PlayStation 4, Punkin Face tells him dinner is ready. Instantly, Stuffing became irritated and had to ask himself a rhetorical question. Is a round of “BattleBorn, usually lasting for nearly 45 minutes, worth not spending quality time with family? Yes, the game “Battleborn” is hugely addictive.

A family could be more amusing than playing video games in a quiet room, however. So Stuffing quit the match and walked over to the kitchen to get a plate. Turkey Spice and String Beans were inside of the kitchen when he got there.

Knowing that Stuffing is vegetarian, they asked Stuffing if he wanted ham or turkey meat. Their conniving ways to tempt him to eat meat was laughable. Stuffing guesses the two thought that he was going to give in because Punkin Face had a slice of ham and supposedly she is vegetarian. Turkey Spice would taunt him every time that she would take a bite out of her ham.

“Are you sure you do not want any, you look weak in the eyes like Pink. You know you want some,” said Turkey Spice, referencing Pink’s reaction to Aguilera’s performance at the AMA.

Mac’ and Cheese, roasted potatoes, mixed vegetable, and a warm cinnamon bun was sufficient enough for Stuffing. After stacking his plate with delicious food, Stuffing sat down with the family. Stuffing stepfather, Yams, fills the table with laughs as usual. Yams have a very dry sense of humor that Stuffing never understood as a kid growing up. Now, Stuffing understands why. It is because the majority of the jokes were and still are inappropriate.

Laughs and mutual conversations lasted over an hour at the table. As the chatter came to an end, Stuffing headed down route “BattleBorn” once again. He managed to get at least one game. Then, here comes another announcement from Punkin Face, “we’re going to Michael’s, are you staying here?”

Punkin Face is not a psychic; however, those interruptions made Stuffing wonder if she has a crystal ball hidden somewhere. Stuffing made another sacrifice, only to walk into death hours. Shopping with Turkey Spice will be better off asking the store manager for a lodging chair and a glass of wine. She has no sense of time management.

Cashiers at Michael’s kept asking if they were ready because String Beans and Stuffing stood in between registers waiting for Turkey Spice with merchandise in their hands. It is so sad that Yams has to endure the hardship as well. He wanted to stay in the car. However, Yams knows that it only gives Turkey Spice more time to shop. So he came to realize that, it is better to endure shopping with Turkey Spice rather than imprison himself inside of the car.

Turkey Spice shopping adventures are exhausting; however, they are crucial times in which Stuffing treasure. The truth is, we only receive one set of biological parents. Moreover, life is extremely short. Stuffing hate but also love the adventures. It is almost as if they are friends and enemies. He is thankful for every dried out hour wasted in stores because it is still spending time with Turkey Spice and the rest of the family.


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