Music Academy Students Shed Light On Diversity At Cultural Festival

Music Academy Students Shed Light On Diversity At Cultural Festival

By Trissean McDonald

The Cultural Diversity Festival debut at Los Angeles City College on Nov. 20, and the outcome was absolutely breathtaking. Organized largely by ASG, the Cultural Diversity event sought to bring awareness to cultural knowledge, indifferences and equality within cultures, and to unite people from different cultures together.

Participants were required to obtain a “passport,” granting flight access to different booths. One of the booths that was highly frequented was the hand-painting station. The station’s table was covered with finger paint of all colors of the rainbow. Participants had the option to choose whatever color they desired, and made handprints on a white poster board.

Performances from different cultures such as the cheerful Chinese Dragon dancing, Armenian traditional dance, as well as the LACC Music Academy concert intrigued a number of people.

Three songs were sung by the LACC Music Academy at the festival. The songs performed were “Faith” from “Sing,” a African spiritual called “Tsho Tsholoza,” and “Unclouded Days” arranged by Shawn Kirchner. Each movement was captivating, and all the pieces were catchy. Different cultures and ethnicities within the audience were able to join the fun. Singing and dancing, moving and grooving LACC Music Academy definitely gave a performance to remember.

Audience gave cheers and applause, even began jamming out with the choir as they sung an extremely soulful yet fun and sexy piece. The choir had unique individuals of different style and ethnicity, creating a melting pot of complete diversity. There was even a little chihuahua that was in the choir. However, little Fido did not hum a note.

“It’s a well-rounded program. And I remember our professor saying that, ‘the overall feel of the program is inspiration,” said Minque Taylor, a student majoring in Music, who is also a member of the choir.

There were a number of students inspired by the cultural music sung by the LACC Music Academy. Andy Lanva, a student majoring in International Relations, was amazed. “I love it. I like the combination of cultures coming together, and celebrating what makes us all unique,” said Lanva.

Sinan Payat, a student majoring in Psychology, was also inspired by the choir’s inspirational song selections, as well as the overall event. Payat applauds the school for the special event, where his curiosity led him toward an overflow of cultural diversity. “I think it’s very nice. I think it’s very good that this school is doing something like this, on the terms of diversity,” said Payat.

LACC Music Academy is conducting another cultural event on Dec. 1, 2017. This event will be similar to the Cultural Diversity Festival with singing and dancing, as well as several musical pieces being sung in another language. This event begins at 7 p.m. in the Herb Alpert Music Center. All choirs are expected to perform.

“It’s based off of a variety of different music from an older classical era, up to like contemporary style,” said Julio Ortiz, a student majoring in Music, who is also a member of the choir.

“There will be more pieces. There’s a piece we’re doing in Spanish from Puerto Rico. And, there’s another African piece we’re doing,” said Ariana Wallfred, a student majoring in vocals, and one of the choreographers for the event happening on Dec. 1, 2017.

Concerts are meant to entertain the masses. The LACC Music Academy entertains and inspires knowledge of cultural diversity. This is prevalent in the time of world-wide crisis. Music is magical. It breaks a yoke of cultural bondage and inequality. This is the goal of the LACC Music Academy, bringing cultural awareness through music and dance.


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