Homeless Man Directs Traffic

Homeless Man Directs Traffic

By Trissean McDonald

Trissean McDonald

Homeless individuals with mental illnesses are starting to become an epidemic in the city of Los Angeles, California for they are not receiving the proper medical attention simply because of their status.

On the corner of New Hampshire Avenue and 8th Street in front of Taco Bell, a homeless man who was mentally symptomatic began pacing back and forth in the middle of the street as cars had to avoid hitting him. The man was Hispanic who was shirtless, had on a black beanie, black jogging pants that he sagged slightly above the knees, and gray sweatpants he wore underneath the black jogging pants.

Drivers quickly became frustrated having to wait behind their steering wheel for the man to slowly walk away from in front of their vehicles. Several drivers sped up towards the man as a threat to get him out of the way, as others taunted the man with expletives and verbal threats. The homeless man would shout back at the drivers, even would hit and attempt to kick some of their cars.

Trissean McDonald

The location where the homeless person stood became more dangerous by the minute. Therefore, he decided to relocate. He walked to Vermont Avenue and 8th Street where he stood in the middle of the street a while longer before walking across the street to the east side of Vermont Avenue. He stood in the middle of a sidewalk as pedestrians passed by. He spoke to some of them while others he verbally threaten. However, there were no physical threats imposed by any pedestrians or by the homeless man.

At one point, the homeless man even pulled down his pants to expose his penis. A police squad car horn sounded; however, police officials did not charge him with indecent exposure. There are obvious signs of mental instability that these type of individuals display to the public without having to be microscopically scrutinized. However, these individuals are regarded less as human beings. They’re constantly calling out for help psychologically; however, because some may not know how to express their concerns as the average person knows how to, a lot of these individuals will always be ignored as well as their needs unattended.


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