Women Accused of Getting Toddlers High

By Trissean McDonald

Michaela Pearson, 21, and Candice Little, 18, are both charged each with felony child abuse, as well as three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, according to Winston-Salem police officials.

On Thursday, however, prosecutors told the judge that based on their research that they were not planning on pursuing felony charges. The judge has since lowered the bond from $150,000 to $100,000 in which prosecutors motioned against. Prosecutors believe that both women still are a ’danger’ to children and society.

Pearson has a bond motion hearing set for September 5th. Little is due back in court on the 13th.


Courage Carries Us Through

When you feel that all is lost, remember, there’s somebody who is worst off.

When you feel that you don’t have the strength to carry on, remember, somebody is suffering to keep their head above waters.

When you are without, remember, you have more than others.

When you are hurting, remember, there’s somebody right now living in hell’s fire.

Know your self-worth, your birthright, and the privilege that you have more than others.

Life has its own unique story even though we try to change or narrate it. The story will always remain the same. It can’t be altered. You’re dealt the cards to strategize how the story goes. Play the cards right, you’ll always win.

Three in Custody With One Outstanding

By Trissean McDonald

An apparent car chase ended on Pico Boulevard and Saint Andrews Place with multiple suspects exiting a vehicle and fleeing on foot. Police actively scoured the area with K-9 units on Aug 14, 2018, since around 7:30 p.m. until after midnight. Three suspects have been taken into custody with one outstanding, according to the LAPD Media Relations Division.

Calvin Yang, a resident from the apartment complex, waited outside the line as his daughter was inside of the building that was being investigated by police and K-9 units. “I just got off work. I actually heard some sort of a chase on the way to get inside my house, but I didn’t know it would be my own building,” Yang said. He continued, “I called my in-law with my 2-year-old daughter inside. I am very very anxious. I can’t even leave this place right now.”

The seriousness of the incident was not taken lightly as police taped off the area of the scene and almost had arrest several civilians for attempting to cross the line. Residents from inside the building began to come outside of the apartment complex to investigate what was going on. Police escorted those same individuals back into the apartment building without incident and advised them to stay inside. The investigation is still ongoing, according to Officer Norma Eisenman of the Los Angeles Police Department Public Communications Group Media Relations Division.

Suspects Steals SS Chevy

By Trissean McDonald

Los Angeles Police Department Olympic Division responded to calls about two suspects allegedly stealing a black SS Chevrolet Camaro before coming to a stop at Shell’s mobile gas station on the corner of Pico Boulevard and Western Avenue.

The incident occurred Thursday, Aug 9th around 6:15 p.m. More than four squad units were present as a helicopter circled the gas station and a brand new Chevy Camaro without license plates sat parked on the outskirts of Shell’s mobile gas station. One officer even held a rubber bullet rifle in his hands. However, it is uncertain if the gun was discharged. Weapons were not reported, according to an Olympic Division police official.

No further information was immediately given.

A Broken Star Caused Several Brawls

By Trissean McDonald

President Donald Trump has recently been scrutinized for a number of issues sparking intense criticism from the public in ways that are uncivilized and rather dangerous.

Trump’s iconic plaque has been destroyed by vandals two times. James Otis was the first to vandalize the President’s star. He was dressed as a construction worker and obliterated the star with a sledgehammer early Wednesday morning on Oct 26, 2016. The second star attack happened on July 25, 2018 at around 3:30 a.m. by Austin Clay, 24, according to the LA Times.

It was less than 48 hours after Clay’s obliteration that the first brawl broke out. The reason for the melee happened because of a man called Real Snake Boy using the n-word. “Donald Trump wants to bring war again,” Real Snake Boy said. He continued, “you don’t give a [expletive] about what we wake up to! You give a [expletive] about one white piece of [expletive] which, is Donald Trump. F- that [n-word.]”

After hearing Real Snake Boy’s rant and derogatory statement, Joy Villa, a bystander chimed in and told the man that he was being disrespectful to black people. “You’re not black!” You don’t respect black people.”

“I can say [n-word] if I want to,” Real Snake Boy said.

Real Snake Boy also began to provoke and harass Elijah Schaffer of “Slightly Offens*ve” as Schaffer could be heard yelling at Real Snake Boy to move from in front of his face. “Get out of my face!” Get out of my face, out of my face,” Schaffer yelled. A melee broke out seconds afterwards.

President Trump’s star has fueled a fire of multiple reactions from people that are rather negative. On Sunday, July 29, another brawl occurred at the star of Donald Trump. “It’s bad. Violence is always bad,” Gabriel Martinez said. Cigarette butts, expressional phrases, trash, and even pieces of bubblegum rested on the top of the plywood covered star. “This [is] not a constructive way of doing things,” Darren Green said. He continued, “People should be able to have opinions without attacking others or attacking people’s property.”

Pedestrian Gets Tasered by Police

By Trissean McDonald

Los Angeles Police Department Olympic Patrol Division used a taser before arresting a male Hispanic at the intersection of Normandie Avenue and Pico Boulevard for not complying to an initiated stop for a pedestrian.

A helicopter flew overhead as officers tried to detain the man. The reason for the initiated stop was not immediately given. However, “there was a stop initiated and [the suspect] failed to comply,” according to Sgt. Soulema of the Olympic Patrol Division. The incident remains as an ongoing investigation. Sgt. Soulema said that since the investigation was still in the beginning stages that he was not authorized to comment any further on the incident.

The suspect reportedly battered an officer which prompted officials to call for backup and to use a taser on the man. The incident occurred around 5:25 p.m. on Sunday, July 22. Paramedics rushed to the scene and examine the suspect, then took the man to a local hospital followed by a police squad unit. The suspect was incarcerated for battery on a police officer.

DUI Causes a Car to Get Sandwiched

By Trissean McDonald

Police arrested a woman suspected of DUI at the corner of Washington Boulevard and Gramercy Place, who under the influence, crashed her grey Toyota Matrix into the back of a black Hyundai Sonata, sandwiching the Sonata in between the Toyota Matrix and a white Honda Civic.

First responders examined Amalia Lazaro Sanchez, who is Hispanic and found no injuries after the crash. Police gave the woman a field sobriety test in which she failed. That was when police apprehended Lazaro Sanchez without incident. “It’s a good thing that nobody got killed,” said Sgt. Siordia of the Olympic Patrol Division. The incident occurred around 9:45 p.m. on Saturday, July 21. Nobody was in either of the parked cars.

Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Olympic Patrol Division issued a traffic violation ticket for another driver prior to less than three minutes away from the DUI accident. “Police were completing a traffic violation before they arrived [at the scene],” said Sgt. Siordia.

Jennifer Sorto, the owner of the Hyundai Sonata, was so distraught about the situation that she declined to give any comment. The driver of the Honda Civic was not present at the scene.

The suspect seemed rather devastated or perhaps afraid, because of Lazaro Sanchez holding her head in her hands as if in distress. However, it did not change the fact that alcohol was the determining factor of the multiple collision, according to Sgt. Siordia. Or even, the traumatic shock that Sorto had underwent when she saw the damage to her car.

Sgt. Siordia recommends that people within the area where the multiple car collision occurred should begin to park their vehicles in a garage or driveway if possible.

“It’s very risky to park your car on the street,” said Sgt. Siordia.