Identifying Whiteness Within America

By Trissean McDonald

White America for centuries has established a self-proclaimed privilege which dominates other ethnicities. It has created a racial and political system that elicits supremacy and segregation. However, since the era of President Donald Trump, many whites of America are starting to witness an unfamiliarity towards their own race, as well as the struggles in which black people encounter every day.

In the months leading up to the 2016 elections, President Donald Trump rallied nearly an entirely white base population. The President called for the banning of Muslims, as well as the deportation of Mexicans which whom he referred to as “bad hombres.” His egregious campaign even imposed the question, “What’s Going On With America’s White People” from Politico, according to a New York Times Magazine article titled “White People Are Noticing Something New: Their Own Whiteness.” The President aids in exacerbating the movement of whiteness through racially specified rhetoric and “white fragility.” White America’s dominance has become both real and alarming after Trump won 58 percent of the white votes, according to the NYTM article. It is a race being portrayed as a distinct subculture with bizarre and threatening habits. Additionally, a majority of white Americans currently believe that their own race is discriminated against, according to the NYTM article. Therefore, white Americans adhere to the opportunity of setting the culture’s trends, as well as measuring everyone else’s “otherness.” They are a group who governs as racial managers. However, white people in America are now witnessing themselves doing the unfamiliar. They’re starting to fastidiously observe one another’s whiteness.

For example, Melissa DePino, who is a white woman, recorded the arrests of two black customers inside of a Starbucks in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She witnessed a white female manager calling the police to report two black customers who did not order right away, according to the NYTM article. Apparently, the white manager allegedly has an expectation for all black people to adapt to her “White American” standards. She utilized a “fearless” effort to self-proclaim her rights of racial dominance within a “white” society. However, Melissa DePino resented the white manager’s actions by tweeting the video of the arrest with the caption: “All the other white people are wondering why it’s never happened to us when we do the same thing.” A few weeks later, another similar incident occurred. Michelle Snider, who is a white woman, confronted and recorded another white woman for calling the police on a black family for using a charcoal grill at a park in Oakland, California. Michelle’s video went viral almost instantaneously. NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” even made a satire of the situation. The public has simply witnessed that “white identity” is defined by the exploitation of people of color. Therefore, it seems suddenly as if white people have been identified as a subgroup of Americans who are most likely to call the police on black people. It is usually for gratuitous reasons such as over a barbecue or perhaps complaints about other stereotypes that other white people believe are true, according to the article. It is with reason to say, therefore, that there is such thing as “blackness” when we compare it to “white identity.”

I resided in Tucson, Arizona between 2005-2006. My first job was Abercrombie & Fitch. I never intended to work for the company. However, I was recruited by a black manager from inside of the Tucson Mall. He even hired me the same day. Working for the company actually was a nice experience in the beginning. However, the experience of working there shifted rather quickly as soon as the black manager resigned. The new management team became predominantly white, and I started to get treated rather differently. My hours were cut for no apparent reason. There was even one white manager who used his “whiteness” to target me specifically. His first success was moving me from the front of the store. I began to work in the back of the store meticulously folding jeans, organizing clothing by their skew number and refolding jeans that the same white manager would intentionally take down from the shelves. Apparently, it didn’t help the fact that I was the only black person who worked at the store.

Abercrombie & Fitch is a company that requires a certain dress code. The merchandise is rather expensive. To display his white dominance, the same manager began to cut my pay and would write me up for not wearing the store’s brand at times. The snake knew I wasn’t getting paid enough. However, he eventually left and a white woman filled his position. However, she was no better. This was the same manager who fired me for yelling at a white girl after tripping on a pile of clothes hangers that she left in the middle of the floor. I have no idea if it was done intentionally or not. However, she yelled back at me. She even battered me. Yet, she kept her job due to her “white” privilege. These types of situations make me question at times, “what if I was white?” “What if the tables were truly turned?” Nevertheless, rather it seems to come with too much responsibility. It is because of the fact that white Americans can’t really identify themselves.

The first Congress of the United States voted in 1790 that “white” persons could be naturalized as citizens. Irish-Americans developed an allegiance with the Democratic Party in exchange to become “white.” Therefore, the Irish began to emigrate to a country where color is important in determining a social status. Irish-Americans were some of the same individuals who pioneered the blackface Minstrels. Therefore, as previously mentioned, there is such thing as “blackness” when we compare it to “white identity.” The assimilation of the Irish-Americans into the white race made it possible for slavery to be maintained. Therefore in an attempt to gain the loyalty of the Irish people, the Democrats had to reject the concept of nativism, according to ”How The Irish Became White.”

It was in 1834 when a mob largely composed of Irish-American laborers destroyed multiple homes in Philadelphia where they shared with black people. The mayor of the city executed an investigation. The report’s principal cause for the riot was that employers were hiring black people over whites, according to “How The Irish Became White.” As a result, many white laborers were simply out of work. Irish-Americans felt entitled to the privileges of employment due to their “whiteness.” However, when the Irish-American laborers were denied their dominating “white” privilege, they did the unfamiliar in order to regain supremacy. Therefore, it is with reason to believe that ”blackness” is a political ideological threat that is imposed by white Americans whenever their self-proclaimed dominance is questioned. However, today’s whites of America are being scrutinized more than ever, as white America is being witnessed displaying its dominance.

Irish people of America were once united with black people through marriage, as well as social classification during the antebellum period. It was believed that if racial amalgamation were to ever take place that it would be between the two races, according to “How The Irish Became White.” Therefore, is it with reason to say that “blackness” is a cultural ideology. It is one in which the Irish eventually wanted to get away from. The Irish began aiming at disassociating themselves from the black race because of the opportunities for those who partake in the privileges of the “white skin.” It is as Fanny Kemble noted, “the more Irish and Afro-Americans [are] lumped together, the greater the hostility between them.” Since the Irish people of America were once referred to as “niggers turned inside out,” they strategized a secured advantage to fit within a competitive society.

Being white in America permits both a racial and social advantage at birth into a dominant racial group. White people, in essence, become oblivious of racial privileges. Therefore, many are oblivious to their own race. Whiteness in America is the ability to move through the world “fearlessly” in a way that black people are not able to, according to a documentary titled “Whitewashed: Unmasking the World of Whiteness.” It is an expectancy of social and racial entitlements simply because of the complexion of a specific skin tone. Whiteness is a privilege of being able to receive special resources, the ability to meet elite individuals and the ability to have access to unearned power, according to the documentary.

Therefore, I am pro-black because as James Weldon Johnson observed a century ago, “the colored people of this country know and understand the white people better than the white people know and understand them.” White America could resolve their dominating position by looking inward. In “The Fire Next Time,” published in 1963, James Baldwin wrote that “white people have quite enough to do in learning how to accept and love themselves and each other.” He continued saying, “and when they have achieved this — which will not be tomorrow and may very well be never — the [black] problem will no longer exist, for it will no longer be needed.”

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Poverty Amongst Blacks Causes Mass Incarceration


By Trissean McDonald

Enslavement of Black people has been a relentless agenda set by wealthy Whites and government officials for ages. In an effort to depict Blacks as a threat towards the nation’s economic profit, an egregious tactic has been devised by both elite classes to simply pocket the money for themselves. Additionally, advocating mass incarceration as well as nullifying Blacks of fair opportune wealth and proper education.

Freedom for Black people has been a never-ending struggle. This is proven within the 13th amendment of the United States of America’s Constitution which renders the fact that slavery has been abolished. With the intention to rectify slavery into an institutional system of prisons, the 13th amendment was constructed with the idea of criminalizing Blacks in order to make the race victims of slavery once again. According to the 13th amendment of the U.S. Constitution, “neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.” In other words, the 13th amendment abolished slavery with the exception of imprisonment. Therefore, the federal government conspires ways in an attempt to criminalize Blacks for minute crimes that are usually devised by government officials such as John Ehrlichman, a former advisor of President Richard Nixon.

Because of the fact, the Nixon campaign was unauthorized to target specific racial or political groups Ehrlichman said within a Netflix documentary titled “13th” that, “the Nixon campaign in 1968, and the Nixon White House after that, had two enemies: the antiwar left and Black people…” He continues, “we knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or Blacks… but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and Blacks with heroin. And then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. We could arrest their leaders. Raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course, we did.”

John Ehrlichman overtly admits that the government utilized its power to corrupt the Black community with drugs. Therefore, it is with reason to say that, the government devises heinous tactics in order to keep the Black community impoverished and caged within prison cells as the wealthy Whites and government officials continue to get richer.

Government officials became threatened by the rise of the Black people’s intellectual and influential demands of social, ethical and economic equality through political parties like the Black Panther Party. Therefore, the federal government disrupted the Black people’s opportunity to develop societal economic wealth within the nation simply by homicide, drugs and criminal exploitation. These elite individuals have even conspired the death of a prominent Black Panther Party activist. According to an online History article titled “Police Kill Two Members of The Black Panther Party,” Cook County’s State Attorney Edward Hanrahan, in an attempt to weaken the Black power movement led the raid that ultimately resulted in the murder of Fred Hampton, who was chairman of the Illinois Black Panther Party. However, although the Black Panther Party was deemed by the media as volatile agitators because of the fact that many carried arms, the party was involved in multiple nonviolent community-organized activities. The Party additionally had extended assistance to the needy for food and medical aid, crusaded against police brutality and started a school. According to a book titled “How Capitalism Underdeveloped Black America,” Black people are an “integral and necessary” part of an imperialistic and powerful capitalist society. Nevertheless, it was all discredited and literally obliterated simply out of fear.

Black people are a specific target for mass incarceration in an effort to make corporate leaders and government officials richer. The American Legislative Exchange Council is a nonprofit organization that is constructed of wealthy White corporate leaders who lobby bills to members of Congress in an attempt to impoverish, as well as incarcerate Blacks. ALEC is responsible for pioneering some of the nation’s toughest laws such as “three strikes,” as well as mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent drug offenders, according to “13th.” ALEC is an organization that adopted GPS tracking of criminal offenders only to manufacture the devices to collect its profits. ALEC additionally is responsible for orchestrating laws surrounding mass incarceration in order to overpopulate the prison systems in an effort to qualify Blacks for another form of slavery as they collect money.

Knowledge is power; therefore, the government has tainted a number of school systems with zero-tolerance policies with the intention to criminalize Blacks while they’re juveniles. According to “The School-to-Prison Pipeline,” there is a U.S. Department of Education study that proves more than 70-percent of students who are arrested in school-related incidents or either referred to law enforcement are Blacks and Hispanics. It is simply a tactic to discourage Blacks from receiving a proper education. Therefore, resulting in mass incarceration and a fixed poverty within the Black community.

According to “White Wealth and Black Repression In Harrison County, Texas: 1865-1868,” Kenneth M. Hamilton argues that the Whites were relentless at increasing their income, therefore, reducing Black school enrollment. The Black people of Harrison County, Texas were not supported by the government and were told to fair for themselves with what little money or food they received from White landowners. The state refused financial aid for Blacks who wanted an education. Therefore, the race took it upon themselves to educate their own. There were times in which Black parents could not make enough money to cover their child’s tuition. The landowners would either intentionally strip away wages, or they’ll perhaps subtract pay because of low-crop production. Either way, as the landowners collected the majority of the profit, Blacks received very little if any.

Even after over 300 years, wealthy Whites and government officials continue to believe that the “education of the ex-slave would hinder white landowners’ attempts to exploit the wealth produced by the labor of ex-slaves.” In other words, the government encourages ignorance amongst the Black race in an attempt to stop the possible advantages of establishing wealth amongst themselves. This very tactic is still used today. It is an effort to organize a fixed poverty within the Black community, in which usually results in mass incarceration for minute crimes. It’s a tactic that has been enforced within a number of U.S. school systems through suspension, expulsion, and criminal exploitation.

Assimilation within America for Blacks is likely if not rather impossible. The Black Panther Party illustrated this by which it attempted the process of assimilation in establishing wealth to care for the needy, as well as building a school. However, this form of assimilation led to criminal exploitation and homicide. Even if the Black race were to emigrate back to Africa, it would be as if the race would have given up their rights to pursue opportune wealth and educational equality. Therefore, the best solution is to revolt and take by force what was taken from the Black people. White freedom was purchased by Black enslavement, according to “How Capitalism Underdeveloped Black America.” And, it still is. The consequences are without a doubt obvious. Many people would die. However, Black people remain uncompensated for over two centuries of free labor. Black people are pressured to depend upon White liberals and moderates to articulate certain agendas, in order to gain majoritarian support, according to “How Capitalism Underdeveloped Black America.”

However, if over 30 million Black people in America formed an alliance against the federal government, the federal government would have to relinquish its control over the Black community. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and The Voting Rights Acts of 1965 gives reason to prove that it’ll work. Therefore, creating a new government that would enforce economic reformation as well as social, ethical and racial equality. Whereby, diminishing racial class status within America, because of the fact that racial classification usually accounts for a person’s income as well as their social status.

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Can a Negro Hold Office Under the Constitution of the United States

By Trissean McDonald

Politicians of the Republican Party argues for equality amongst the Negro race, as well as the Whites, even to the extent of the Negro race holding public office. However, the Radical Organ of the city of Little Rock, Arkansas, owned and controlled by the old Border Ruffian Democrats, opposes the idea and says that the United States Constitution restricts the Negro race from holding public office, according to Tabbs Gross, columnist, and publisher for the Arkansas Freeman.

The United States Constitution was a document strictly orchestrated for the Whites of America. Negros were never even considered as a people of their own race. The Negro race were all property of trade and slavery, as well as three-fifths of a White person. It wasn’t until 1865 that the thirteenth amendment rendered the three-fifths compromise as obsolete. Since then, the Republican Party has elected a Negro man from Virginia to Congress. However, the Radical Organ argues that, “no person shall be a representative who shall not have attained the age of twenty-five years, and been seven years a citizen of the United States,” using the very words of a July 16th Republic publication. Therefore, the Radical Organ blatantly and distinctly argues that the Republican Party does not encourage equality amongst the White and the Negro race.

The Radical additionally argues that the Negro man was not a citizen before the war, giving more reason as to why the Negro should become ineligible to take a seat. However, the Republic has taken a new approach towards equality by electing a Negro man into public office. They’re encouraging the Negro race to assimilate with the new customs of a new political agenda in order to be able to call America their new home. Tabbs Gross, who is a freed slave, utilizes his power of freedom to assert the fact that the Republic is indeed a party of equality. Although Gross uses part of a July 16th publication by the Republican Party within his article to illustrate the argument between the Republic and the Radical, he also says that any party that is willing to allow a Negro person to take office also have the approval of the Freeman Arkansas publication.

Tabbs Gross, as well as the Republic, are encouraging the Negro race to engage in the duties of suffrage and also become political leaders of a new America. There’s a call for the Negro race to, “cast down your bucket where you are.” The Negro race is a lost ship who after suddenly finding the sight of a welcoming vessel cries out, “water, water, we die of thirst.” However, The Republican Party, is the welcoming vessel who answers back at once, “cast down your bucket where you are.” This is obviously witnessed by welcoming a new member of Congress who is a Negro from Virginia. The Radical emphasizes that it’s a ploy and that it is illegal for any Negro to hold office.

Even though the war has ended slavery, slavery is not over and the Radical are still holding their guns in their hands by trying to strip the Negro race of suffrage and public office. However, the Republic encourages assimilation amongst the Negro race. They want the new America to remember the times in which Negros and Whites were once in unison. The Republic also encourages the Whites of America to remember the times when Negros once nursed their children, watched over their sickened family members, and even comforted them when they had a significant lose within their family. Therefore, in their restlessness to encourage assimilation amongst the Negro and White race, the Republic boldly debut a Negro man from Virginia to hold public office. The Republic has began a new era in Negro history.

< Tabbs Gross: “Arkansas Freeman” (Can a Negro Hold Office Under the Constitution of the United States) Little Rock, Arkansas, Oct. 5, 1869>

Women Accused of Getting Toddlers High

By Trissean McDonald

Michaela Pearson, 21, and Candice Little, 18, are both charged each with felony child abuse, as well as three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, according to Winston-Salem police officials.

On Thursday, however, prosecutors told the judge that based on their research that they were not planning on pursuing felony charges. The judge has since lowered the bond from $150,000 to $100,000 in which prosecutors motioned against. Prosecutors believe that both women still are a ’danger’ to children and society.

Pearson has a bond motion hearing set for September 5th. Little is due back in court on the 13th.

Courage Carries Us Through

By Trissean McDonald

When you feel that all is lost, remember, there’s somebody who is worst off.

When you feel that you don’t have the strength to carry on, remember, somebody is suffering to keep their head above waters.

When you are without, remember, you have more than others.

When you are hurting, remember, there’s somebody right now living in hell’s fire.

Know your self-worth, your birthright, and the privilege that you have more than others.

Life has its own unique story even though we try to change or narrate it. The story will always remain the same. It can’t be altered. You’re dealt the cards to strategize how the story goes. Play the cards right, you’ll always win.

Three in Custody With One Outstanding

By Trissean McDonald

An apparent car chase ended on Pico Boulevard and Saint Andrews Place with multiple suspects exiting a vehicle and fleeing on foot. Police actively scoured the area with K-9 units on Aug 14, 2018, since around 7:30 p.m. until after midnight. Three suspects have been taken into custody with one outstanding, according to the LAPD Media Relations Division.

Calvin Yang, a resident from the apartment complex, waited outside the line as his daughter was inside of the building that was being investigated by police and K-9 units. “I just got off work. I actually heard some sort of a chase on the way to get inside my house, but I didn’t know it would be my own building,” Yang said. He continued, “I called my in-law with my 2-year-old daughter inside. I am very very anxious. I can’t even leave this place right now.”

The seriousness of the incident was not taken lightly as police taped off the area of the scene and almost had arrest several civilians for attempting to cross the line. Residents from inside the building began to come outside of the apartment complex to investigate what was going on. Police escorted those same individuals back into the apartment building without incident and advised them to stay inside. The investigation is still ongoing, according to Officer Norma Eisenman of the Los Angeles Police Department Public Communications Group Media Relations Division.

Suspects Steals SS Chevy

By Trissean McDonald

Los Angeles Police Department Olympic Division responded to calls about two suspects allegedly stealing a black SS Chevrolet Camaro before coming to a stop at Shell’s mobile gas station on the corner of Pico Boulevard and Western Avenue.

The incident occurred Thursday, Aug 9th around 6:15 p.m. More than four squad units were present as a helicopter circled the gas station and a brand new Chevy Camaro without license plates sat parked on the outskirts of Shell’s mobile gas station. One officer even held a rubber bullet rifle in his hands. However, it is uncertain if the gun was discharged. Weapons were not reported, according to an Olympic Division police official.

No further information was immediately given.

A Broken Star Caused Several Brawls

By Trissean McDonald

President Donald Trump has recently been scrutinized for a number of issues sparking intense criticism from the public in ways that are uncivilized and rather dangerous.

Trump’s iconic plaque has been destroyed by vandals two times. James Otis was the first to vandalize the President’s star. He was dressed as a construction worker and obliterated the star with a sledgehammer early Wednesday morning on Oct 26, 2016. The second star attack happened on July 25, 2018 at around 3:30 a.m. by Austin Clay, 24, according to the LA Times.

It was less than 48 hours after Clay’s obliteration that the first brawl broke out. The reason for the melee happened because of a man called Real Snake Boy using the n-word. “Donald Trump wants to bring war again,” Real Snake Boy said. He continued, “you don’t give a [expletive] about what we wake up to! You give a [expletive] about one white piece of [expletive] which, is Donald Trump. F- that [n-word.]”

After hearing Real Snake Boy’s rant and derogatory statement, Joy Villa, a bystander chimed in and told the man that he was being disrespectful to black people. “You’re not black!” You don’t respect black people.”

“I can say [n-word] if I want to,” Real Snake Boy said.

Real Snake Boy also began to provoke and harass Elijah Schaffer of “Slightly Offens*ve” as Schaffer could be heard yelling at Real Snake Boy to move from in front of his face. “Get out of my face!” Get out of my face, out of my face,” Schaffer yelled. A melee broke out seconds afterwards.

President Trump’s star has fueled a fire of multiple reactions from people that are rather negative. On Sunday, July 29, another brawl occurred at the star of Donald Trump. “It’s bad. Violence is always bad,” Gabriel Martinez said. Cigarette butts, expressional phrases, trash, and even pieces of bubblegum rested on the top of the plywood covered star. “This [is] not a constructive way of doing things,” Darren Green said. He continued, “People should be able to have opinions without attacking others or attacking people’s property.”