Danny Masterson Fired From Netflix

By Trissean McDoanld

Danny Masterson, who played the character Hyde from “That 70’s Show,” has been discharged from Netflix for rape allegations committed in the early 2000’s.

Masterson recent work is a series on Netflix called “The Ranch,” in which he co-stars with Ashton Kutcher.

Ashton Kutcher, who played the character Michael from “That 70’s Show,” is Masterson’s brother in the series “The Ranch.”

The show consists of two brothers’ rivalry over which one will inherit their father’s ranch after he dies.

The father, Sam Elliot, plays a down-to-Earth, “don’t fuck with me” character that’s battling a complex relationship with his ex-wife.

Even though the two are divorced, they constantly try to compromise ways to better their relationship. However, the father doesn’t want to leave the ranch. And the mother, played by Debra Winger, wants to travel the world. This causes a consistent clash with their relationship.

Masterson sexual misconduct allegations come alongside multiple sexual assault allegations from within politics to entertainment, even within the news media industry.


A Thanksgiving To Remember

A Thanksgiving To Remember

By Trissean McDonald

Thankful is a term that’s ambiguously defined, especially on a day in America dedicated to appreciation. Stuffing family coming together to eat, sharing in laughter and song a re-taping of the American Music Awards that aired on ABC Sunday, Nov. 19, 2017, at 5 p.m. PST is a Thanksgiving that was worth remembering for him.

Christina Aguilera gave tribute to the legendary Whitney Houston’s 25th year anniversary of the “Bodyguard” at the American Music Awards. Aguilera’s performance at the AMA received mixed reactions from social media. Pink’s reaction, however, was undoubtedly the primary focus of the event. Media assisted in exaggerating her reaction, stirring up controversy and causing many to question the pop singer’s expression.

Pink defended her reaction that’s been gravitating negative comments rather than positive. She claims the rumors of the two having a beef with each other are not true. In fact, Pink stated that she supports Aguilera, and feels as if the public perpetuates keeping women apart because of the power of women when they come together.

“Waking up to see a newly created [rift] between myself and another incredible woman, Christina, who took on an incredible feat, [whom] I support fully, makes me so sad. You all perpetuate keeping women apart b/c you’re afraid of the power we have when we get together,” said Pink via Twitter.

Immediately after watching the AMA, Stuffing went over to his brother and his wife’s kitchen bar to begin watching the both of them cook together. Two young married couple, romantically working together to create a delicious meal. Stuffing sister-in-law, Punkin Face, stands in front of Stuffing dicing cheese and is continually asking Stuffing brother, String Beans, what to do next. String Beans is at the stove assisting in preparing the Mac’ and Cheese as well as dicing potatoes for roasting.

Several minutes of sitting at the kitchen bar Stuffing mother, Turkey Spice, takes a seat by Stuffing and begins conversing with String Beans, Punkin Face, and Stuffing. The conversation ranged from absurdities to Black Friday, from food to make-up, then to eye-contacts. Turkey Spice is a unique woman. If a picture could aid in describing eccentricity, she would qualify for candidacy. An image of a child, youthfulness, and creativity is all bundle up in this woman.

String Beans and Punkin Face prepared the food rather swiftly. As Stuffing was about to start a round of “Battle Born” on PlayStation 4, Punkin Face tells him dinner is ready. Instantly, Stuffing became irritated and had to ask himself a rhetorical question. Is a round of “BattleBorn, usually lasting for nearly 45 minutes, worth not spending quality time with family? Yes, the game “Battleborn” is hugely addictive.

A family could be more amusing than playing video games in a quiet room, however. So Stuffing quit the match and walked over to the kitchen to get a plate. Turkey Spice and String Beans were inside of the kitchen when he got there.

Knowing that Stuffing is vegetarian, they asked Stuffing if he wanted ham or turkey meat. Their conniving ways to tempt him to eat meat was laughable. Stuffing guesses the two thought that he was going to give in because Punkin Face had a slice of ham and supposedly she is vegetarian. Turkey Spice would taunt him every time that she would take a bite out of her ham.

“Are you sure you do not want any, you look weak in the eyes like Pink. You know you want some,” said Turkey Spice, referencing Pink’s reaction to Aguilera’s performance at the AMA.

Mac’ and Cheese, roasted potatoes, mixed vegetable, and a warm cinnamon bun was sufficient enough for Stuffing. After stacking his plate with delicious food, Stuffing sat down with the family. Stuffing stepfather, Yams, fills the table with laughs as usual. Yams have a very dry sense of humor that Stuffing never understood as a kid growing up. Now, Stuffing understands why. It is because the majority of the jokes were and still are inappropriate.

Laughs and mutual conversations lasted over an hour at the table. As the chatter came to an end, Stuffing headed down route “BattleBorn” once again. He managed to get at least one game. Then, here comes another announcement from Punkin Face, “we’re going to Michael’s, are you staying here?”

Punkin Face is not a psychic; however, those interruptions made Stuffing wonder if she has a crystal ball hidden somewhere. Stuffing made another sacrifice, only to walk into death hours. Shopping with Turkey Spice will be better off asking the store manager for a lodging chair and a glass of wine. She has no sense of time management.

Cashiers at Michael’s kept asking if they were ready because String Beans and Stuffing stood in between registers waiting for Turkey Spice with merchandise in their hands. It is so sad that Yams has to endure the hardship as well. He wanted to stay in the car. However, Yams knows that it only gives Turkey Spice more time to shop. So he came to realize that, it is better to endure shopping with Turkey Spice rather than imprison himself inside of the car.

Turkey Spice shopping adventures are exhausting; however, they are crucial times in which Stuffing treasure. The truth is, we only receive one set of biological parents. Moreover, life is extremely short. Stuffing hate but also love the adventures. It is almost as if they are friends and enemies. He is thankful for every dried out hour wasted in stores because it is still spending time with Turkey Spice and the rest of the family.

Music Academy Students Shed Light On Diversity At Cultural Festival

Music Academy Students Shed Light On Diversity At Cultural Festival

By Trissean McDonald

The Cultural Diversity Festival debut at Los Angeles City College on Nov. 20, and the outcome was absolutely breathtaking. Organized largely by ASG, the Cultural Diversity event sought to bring awareness to cultural knowledge, indifferences and equality within cultures, and to unite people from different cultures together.

Participants were required to obtain a “passport,” granting flight access to different booths. One of the booths that was highly frequented was the hand-painting station. The station’s table was covered with finger paint of all colors of the rainbow. Participants had the option to choose whatever color they desired, and made handprints on a white poster board.

Performances from different cultures such as the cheerful Chinese Dragon dancing, Armenian traditional dance, as well as the LACC Music Academy concert intrigued a number of people.

Three songs were sung by the LACC Music Academy at the festival. The songs performed were “Faith” from “Sing,” a African spiritual called “Tsho Tsholoza,” and “Unclouded Days” arranged by Shawn Kirchner. Each movement was captivating, and all the pieces were catchy. Different cultures and ethnicities within the audience were able to join the fun. Singing and dancing, moving and grooving LACC Music Academy definitely gave a performance to remember.

Audience gave cheers and applause, even began jamming out with the choir as they sung an extremely soulful yet fun and sexy piece. The choir had unique individuals of different style and ethnicity, creating a melting pot of complete diversity. There was even a little chihuahua that was in the choir. However, little Fido did not hum a note.

“It’s a well-rounded program. And I remember our professor saying that, ‘the overall feel of the program is inspiration,” said Minque Taylor, a student majoring in Music, who is also a member of the choir.

There were a number of students inspired by the cultural music sung by the LACC Music Academy. Andy Lanva, a student majoring in International Relations, was amazed. “I love it. I like the combination of cultures coming together, and celebrating what makes us all unique,” said Lanva.

Sinan Payat, a student majoring in Psychology, was also inspired by the choir’s inspirational song selections, as well as the overall event. Payat applauds the school for the special event, where his curiosity led him toward an overflow of cultural diversity. “I think it’s very nice. I think it’s very good that this school is doing something like this, on the terms of diversity,” said Payat.

LACC Music Academy is conducting another cultural event on Dec. 1, 2017. This event will be similar to the Cultural Diversity Festival with singing and dancing, as well as several musical pieces being sung in another language. This event begins at 7 p.m. in the Herb Alpert Music Center. All choirs are expected to perform.

“It’s based off of a variety of different music from an older classical era, up to like contemporary style,” said Julio Ortiz, a student majoring in Music, who is also a member of the choir.

“There will be more pieces. There’s a piece we’re doing in Spanish from Puerto Rico. And, there’s another African piece we’re doing,” said Ariana Wallfred, a student majoring in vocals, and one of the choreographers for the event happening on Dec. 1, 2017.

Concerts are meant to entertain the masses. The LACC Music Academy entertains and inspires knowledge of cultural diversity. This is prevalent in the time of world-wide crisis. Music is magical. It breaks a yoke of cultural bondage and inequality. This is the goal of the LACC Music Academy, bringing cultural awareness through music and dance.

The Spotlight Is On You

The Spotlight Is On You
By Trissean McDonald

Art is the magic of creative imagination, a universal platform that stirs up controversy. The imagination of one artist may be accepted or denounced by others.

The Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso is a perfect example of art being controversial. The eccentric accents within his art is either viewed as a masterpiece, or perhaps different pieces of a puzzle being grotesquely morphed into one whole image. 

Jimmy Guzman, an IMDb member, as well as a LACC student who is currently working on a film project, is majoring in production and filming. The project is called “Someone’s After Me.” The character is schizophrenic and believes he’s being chased by someone else; however, he eventually realizes that he’s chasing himself. 

“At the end, he accidentally stabs himself,” Guzman said. 

Filmmakers and directors from whom he draws inspiration are Alfred Hitchcock, Steven Spielberg, Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino, and Lon Chaney.  Lon Chaney’s unique artistry moved Guzman deeply, opening a path of interest in filming and production at an early age. 

“The first one I watched was “Phantom Of The Opera,” and “Hunchback of Notre Dame” from the late silent films. That’s what inspired me to become a filmmaker,” Guzman said.

Guzman’s film genre of interest is horror. Considering that Spielberg isn’t a horror film director, he is still one of Guzman inspirational figures. The main two films of Spielberg that amuse Guzman are legendary films, and were also amusement park rides at Universal Studios Hollywood.

“ET and Jurassic Park. They’re like, the most fascinating movies he made. Plus, the bike scene from ET, that song…oh my god, like, I almost cried. And that Jurassic Park thing that he created…oh my god, he created magic,” Guzman said. 

Today’s horror films do not interest Guzman. The suspense is no longer present. Predicting what may occur before it happen, and actually witnessing the prediction unfold could discourage people from going to the movies. 

“I’m afraid to watch it, people already know what to expect when they go to the movies,” Guzman said. 

Guzman’s idea to improve today’s horror, is intensifying the suspense. It’ll cause the audience to be at the edge of their seats, and people eyes to be glued to the big screen anticipating each suspenseful moment. 

“Nobody would see it coming,” Guzman said. “And towards the end, it’ll be like, ‘oh sh*t!’ They thought it was [this] guy, but naw, it was [this] guy all this time.” 

Dreams of making it to Hollywood are starting to unfold for Guzman. “Little Maniac” is a short horror film that Guzman launched Oct. 18, 2016. This film is documented within the IMDb database, and could be viewed on YouTube. Jimmy Guzman and Natalie Rodriguez directed the film. Guzman wrote “Little Maniac” with the aid of his brother Shaun Guzman, who co-wrote the horror film. 

The goal for Guzman is not to stir up controversy. Rather, it’s an opportunity to express his imagination. Yet, Guzman is aware of the potential controversy that surrounds his artistry. 

“I try to keep my movies as positive as I can. If I get feedback, I’m going to take it as a positive. And if people don’t like the movies, I’ll make more movies,” Guzman said. 

Traffic Requirements For Bikers In Los Angeles Raise Confusion

Traffic Requirements For Bikers In Los Angeles Raise Confusion

By Trissean McDonald

Los Angeles bicycle legislation must undergo serious reform in order to alleviate the confusion about established laws. There is/are no written law(s) specifying the ordinance for bikers utilizing crosswalks, leaving a vague gap between what law(s) is/are considered an infraction if broken.

In fact, bicycles have the same rights and responsibilities as motor vehicle drivers, according to the “Bicycle” section of the Department of Motor Vehicles California Driver Handbook 2017. But, there’s no mention about bicycles riding within a crosswalk. Yet, there are LAPD officers such as Officer Grimmer, who are unfamiliar with the law and are writing citations. In which leaves the question, “Are the police really taking the law into their own hands?”

Arbitrary bicycle laws are perplexing the community into thinking what is an actual law. The annoyance of paying gratuitous citations not only strip the pockets of citizens; rather it’s also unsatisfying for governing states, to take funds from citizens without a proper cause.

Los Angeles Metropolitan Courthouse is one of many courthouses that disregard bicycle laws in LA. In a sense, it is as if the courthouse supports the laws that are not fully structured. Judge Burroughs, a judge who presided over a case involving an alleged bicycle infraction on Dec. 12, 2017, from department 61, ruled rather poorly concerning the case.

Common sense is now considered the law. Judge Burroughs, upon hearing both testimonies of the plaintiff and defendant, made his ruling based off of common sense. The plaintiff, Officer Grimmer, gave a description as to what happened the day of the alleged infraction. Upon completing his statement, Judge Burroughs asked the defendant if the defendant had any questions for Officer Grimmer. The defendant declined to ask questions.

Judge Burroughs asked the defendant about giving a testimony. The defendant gave testimony of the incident, read an argumentative letter to the courts, also had evidential documents within a cell phone that the judge did not even take the time to look at. It was clear, the judge already decided his ruling even before the defendant’s argument that was full of evidence.

The defendant’s testimony became contorted by the judge’s interpretation of the incident while having to remain respectful and silent before an honorable judge. Argumentative facts were being spewed at the judge; however, the judge took the side of the LAPD officer. To think that a judge would have dismissed the case upon reasonable doubt.

While cruising down Vermont Avenue heading north, the defendant had to temporarily ride on the sidewalk. It was a traffic congested morning, and the defendant was unable to take the street. A green light appears before the defendant; however, the defendant was unaware of the “flashing red hand,” a signal used to alert the public to stop. That’s when the defendant rode across the crosswalk only to be pulled over by Officer Grimmer.

Dissatisfied with the judge ruling of guilty, the defendant asks the judge about the sentence. The defendant relied on evidential facts supported by the California Driver’s Handbook again. “There’s nowhere in the bicycle section that says anything about crosswalks or sidewalks. The laws are vague,” said the defendant.

The bicycle section does, in fact, mention sidewalk ordinance within its column. However, the law is vague in the description because it differs within different cities. The only way to know if you’re in violation within the city of Los Angeles is by using your common sense. “It’s common sense that if you’re riding on the sidewalk, and not the street that you are a pedestrian,” said Judge Burroughs.

It is not common sense because everyone is not capable of knowing what common sense is. Additionally, it’s rather unprofessional, let alone dishonorable for any judge to make such an egregious statement. The law does not rely on common sense; it relies on proof of evidence. And if the evidence is there, it should not be disregarded.

*Re-edit: Additional Content Dec. 12, 2017

*(Footnote) Pedestrian: going or performed on foot, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

Open Gym Schedule Lets Students Workout for Free 

Open Gym Schedule Lets Students Workout for Free 
By Trissean McDonald


Workouts in the Fitness Center and Weight Room inside of the Kinesiology Building are no longer limited to faculty and staff because students now have the opportunity to join in free of charge.        

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Dumbbells, squat racks, and even stretch straps are available among other fitness equipment inside of the Weight Room of the Kinesiology South Building, Room 109. The Weight Room is open one day a week. Hours are Thursdays from 12:30 p.m. until 2 p.m. 

Fitness-minded individuals have even greater access at the Fitness Center, which is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:15 p.m. to 1 p.m. and Mondays and Wednesdays from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. Battle ropes, elliptical trainers, spin bikes, treadmills and 16 other exercise machines are available for students in the North Kinesiology Building, Room 202.  

“Keep Calm and Exercise” is the mantra that is being used to attract students to live a healthier lifestyle by using the campus facilities. 
The new access to the weight room, however, is not enough for everyone.“When you tell this to the students, they do not want to come. They’re like, ‘One day, oh, that’s not enough,’” said Ismaelite Stewart, a student who works in the South Gym and founder of the Fit for Life Club. 

“Fit for Life” is a club that is currently in the works of being chartered, according to ASG Vice President of Clubs, Theresa Morgan Cruz. 

For students like Eric Romero who is majoring in chemical engineering, there is never enough iron to pump.“This is my last semester here, and I wish they offered more programs here,” Romero said. 

The only requirement for using the workout rooms is that students complete and submit a liability form. Some students wish for expanded hours.“I wish they would promote this a lot more [because then] people don’t have to register for a class to go into the workout room,” said Nestor Alvarado, a nursing major with a group of friends in the Student Union. Liability forms are available in the Gym areas.

Jose Rios contributed to this story.

[Los Angeles City College]

Why Celebrate Suicide

I know it sounds insensitive, but I’m not celebrating suicide anymore. Obviously, these artists are seeking after help. Sometimes the public/industry is so caught up with the status of celebrities that they miss the fact that some of these artists are indeed suicidal. Then, when these artist actually commit suicide, mainstream likes to dismiss the fact that these individuals really need help. They’ll do a stupid vigil at the celebrity’s star, play their music, or their films/series. We’ve seen/heard them already. Let’s get deeper into the problem. Clearly, these artists feel as if no one is there to support them in their hardship. What could we do to stop these suicides?

1)We should regard these artist as regular human beings, the only difference is that they entertain us.

2) We need to see the big picture. Is the public exciting more suicides for celebrities? Is the public so consumed with mainstream’s distractive agenda about what’s really going on? 

3) We need to understand that we are indeed celebrating the suicide of these artists. If these artists died any other way, then it’s understandable to pay remembrance.


Be Aware Of Your Restroom Visits At LACC 

By: Trissean McDonald
6/26/2017 6:02pm 

It’s quite disturbing to have to wonder if you’re amongst a sexual predator while using one of the restrooms at Los Angeles City College, after witnessing one alleged sexual predator who was detained today on campus for that very reason. 

Edward Salm, a white male in his 50’s, bald, and heavy-built was detained inside the FH building on the 3rd floor for an alleged indecent exposure charge. An anonymous student placed in a report with LACC Sheriff Department around 1:30pm. 

 The student who unfortunately had to cross paths with the alleged suspect, witnessed Salm “moaning and using phrases to express his pleasure.” The student continues telling LACC Sheriff, “he stood in front of my stall and began ‘jerking-off’. He left my stall, then went to the urinal and started masturbating. He turned around to look at me.”

LACC Sheriff Department storms into the restroom 5-10 minutes after the report and confronts the alleged suspect. Salm had on a pair of red shorts, a grey shirt, and a pair of dark colored shoes. He came out of the restroom handcuffed. Salm was then escorted out of the FH building. The student was escorted out by Sheriff officials as well, following after Salm.  

The student was adamant about pressing charges and went about the procedures. However, the student was informed by LACC Sheriff that it would have to be a citizen’s arrest because the alleged suspect denied all charges. Therefore, the case would be considered as “hearsay” and perhaps thrown out.

Even though the alleged suspect denied the allegation, Edward Salm said, “sorry if I did anything to offend him,” according to LACC Sheriff Deputy Wang. However, that wasn’t enough proof for an actual arrest. Yet, nobody has to be a scholar to know that that is a form of guilt. 

This information leaves the student contemplating whether or not to continue the process. Then after meditating on the issue, the student decided to drop the charges. However if Edward Salm “is found back on school campus, he will be arrested for trespassing,” according to Deputy Wang. 

The LACC Sheriff deputy that is investigating this alleged incident is Deputy Dexter Jones. Upon speaking with Deputy Jones he stated that, “there’s no signs posted saying ‘no trespassing’.” He continues, “the only way that he could be arrested for trespassing is if this was a private school.” This is an ongoing investigation. 

If you were to encounter a similar incident, or you may perhaps know someone with a similar story, contact the LACC Sheriff’s Department at (323) 662-5276.