Diabetes Disappears Like Magic

Diabetes Disappears Like Magic

By Trissean McDonald

Modern physicians of today’s medicine know how to make diseases disappear. However, breakthroughs still lay dormant as doctors continue to worsen patients’ symptoms by masking them with prescribed pharmaceuticals.

”Diseases are illusions. They don’t exist,” according to a youtube video posted by Rangan Chatterjee, M.D.

Chronic diseases result from a long-term suppression of treatable symptoms; however, many physicians usually approach these diseases as they would acute illnesses. For instance, insulin resistance is becoming more of an epidemic. Yet, even though chronic illnesses are extremely combative, these ailments are becoming more defeatable by the day. Therefore if approached properly, in order to prevent a continuous downward spiral in a patient’s well-being, healthcare professionals could aid in the alleviation of diabetes without the use of insulin.

”I am a type-2 diabetic, and they took me off medication simply because I ate right and exercised. Diabetes is not like a cancer, where you go in for chemo and radiation. You can change a lot through a basic changing of habits,” said Sherri Shepherd, a former co-host of ABC The View.

Type 2 diabetes is most likely to go into remission rather than Type 1. However, individuals with Type 1 diabetes will find it more difficult to enter remission because of cell damage to the pancreas which produces insulin.

”If we don’t address the causes for that particular patient, we’ll never get rid of the disease,” Chatterjee said.

Rather than giving patients drugs to suppress one issue, causing them to perhaps develop other complications because of side effects, medical scrutiny from a physician should not even come into question. However, it is. And many people with chronic illnesses are displaying exacerbated symptoms.

Every time the human body has to endure a lot of stress, cortisol levels increases. This is a chemical that is responsible for elevating blood sugar level, causing it to become insulin resistant. Another cause of insulin resistance is inadequate sleep.

”In some people, one-night sleep deprivation can give you as much insulin resistance as six months on a junk food diet,” Chatterjee said.

The least amount of hours a person sleeps, it is most likely for that person to produce an increased number of ghrelin, which is a hormone that stimulates appetite and promotes cravings for carbohydrates or high-calorie foods. Diabetes is incurable; however, it could, in fact, go into stages of remission. There are three known diabetic remissions according to Diabetes Care: partial, complete, and prolonged remission.

Partial remission occurs when a patient’s blood glucose level is lower than that of a person who is diabetic for at least 1 year without medication. Complete remission is when the blood glucose level returns to normal for at least 1 year without medication. Lastly, prolonged remission is when complete remission lasts for 5 or more years. Therefore, even if a person with diabetes has a normal blood glucose level for nearly 20 years, that person is still in remission.

Boston Children Hospital is one of many hospitals that is attempting to combat chronic diseases like diabetes without the use of insulin. The hospital is aware that blood stem cells in those who are diabetic are defective. However, there is a remedy the hospital has discovered.

”We found that in diabetes, blood stem cells are defective, promoting inflammation and possibly leading to the onset of diseases, ” said Paolo Fiorina, M.D., according to the BCH Vector.

BCH uses their patient’s own blood stem cells that are treated with gene therapy, to stimulate those cells to produce more PD-L1, a specific type of protein that has a robust anti-inflammatory effect. When introduced to the pancreas, treated cells begin to bind to T-cells, which are insulin inhibitors. The T-cells either die or become inactive.

“There’s really a reshaping of the immune system when you inject these cells, ” Fiorina said.

It seems as if diabetes is in the hopes of a fast-paced medical breakthrough.


Mental Health Training Is Not Benefiting Police Officers

Mental Health Training Is Not Benefiting Police Officers

By Trissean McDonald
Police involved shootings are becoming more frequent these days. In numerous cases, these shooting incidents are sometimes prompted by individuals that may be mentally impaired or disabled. 

On January 31, 2016, the Los Angeles Police Department, after receiving reports of a male suspect stabbing three people, opened fire on the man in Hollywood, California, where the suspect was pronounced dead.  

One of the victims, a bicyclist, was stabbed around 2:00pm along the north side of Sunset Boulevard near Ivar Avenue, according to LAPD Sgt. Frank Preciado. The suspect then continues down Sunset Boulevard, making his way to a coffee house, where employees held the doors closed for their safety. Unsuccessful in his attempt to get inside the coffee house, the suspect goes east of Sunset Boulevard, where he stabbed another man at a “Jack In The Box,” according to the LA Times.  

LAPD reportedly confronted the suspect. The suspect, however, was not compliant; resulting to multiple shots being fired at the suspect. “It saved lives,” O’Farrell.

The suspect’s outcome, as well as the victims involved was egregiously dire. Mental health in these situations usually doesn’t prompt an indication of these type of fatal incidents, lest the events subsequently subsides. Also, because of all the radical activities from ISIS.

However, is there a way to train police officials dealing with individuals with mental disabilities? Certainly. 

September 14, 2016, LAPD invited the media to participate in a mental health training program to give the media insight on how police officers are being trained to deal with mentally impaired or disabled individuals. However, these type of seminars could be a way to propagandized police interactions with those who are mentally despaired.

There’s signs indicating mental disparities in these individuals by scruple observation. Usually, the signs are alarming upon personal interaction between both police officials and mentally impaired individuals. However, fatal shootings are still increasing amongst these individuals.

As we saw in the case of Ezell Ford, a 25-year-old mentally illed black male, who was shot by police officials after allegedly reaching for an officer’s holster, “Ford, who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, was walking near his South L.A. home when two officers assigned to an anti-gang unit tried to stop him,” LA Times. Unfortunately, this incident led to Ford’s death. 

Even though the state of California , as well as other states are implementing changes within the relationship between police officials and mentally ill individuals, it may perhaps take several years for police officials to master the subject of dealing with mentally ill individuals to avoid more catastrophic fatalities within the mental health community. 

If there were perhaps an actual requirement for police officials to pass a 1-2 year course in mental health training before actually being assigned to on field duties, fatal shootings would be at a decrease, and more lives would be saved. 

However, until there’s some type of strict reformation assisting in proper mental health training amongst the nation’s police officials, America will not see less killings or more rehabilitation for those who are mentally ill. Instead, Americans will continuously hear the outcries of the nation, as well from the family members who are affected by the lost of their loved one that was mentally ill. 


Layers of Life

By Trissean McDonald

At the Painted Brain Academy on February 26, 2016, 2500 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, California 90057, a group by the name “Chicken Lobotomy” engaged in an experimental process that involved the actual dissection of a piece of chicken; the piece of desired corpse, a chicken leg.

The “Chicken Lobotomy” microscopically examined the skin, the bone marrow, the actual bone, and muscle/meat of a chicken. Afterwards they posted their images on social media, with hashtag descriptions of what was viewed under the microscope. Their conveyable objective is to inform their audience of some of the imperative components of life’s make-up, in which on numerous occasions gets ignored or less attention.

For instance, bone marrow. The marrow of the bone is a key factor of blood cell make-up and distribution; however education surrounding the topic of bone marrow, is usually only available in the case of terminal illness. The bone marrow is a tissue that’s inside the bone, producing mature blood cells that passes throughout the whole body via the blood vessel’s endothelium. Without the bone marrow you’ll produce zero blood cells, the most important factor of life itself.

Additionally, the bone as well, plays a key role to life’s make-up. The bone is not only the home of marrow, it’s the home for multiple internal organs. Its functions are to support and protect various sensitive internal organs such as: the brain ( skull), the heart and lungs (ribs), and vertebrate (spinal cord). As a reminder, the bone produces red and white blood cells, and is also a connector of tendons, ligaments, joints, and muscles. These components work together to manipulate the entire body in a three-dimensional space.

Collectively, to bring everything as one body, the skin is the master component. The function of skin consist of protecting the body against pathogens: anything (such as a type of bacteria or a virus) that cases disease. Additionally, it aids in regulating temperature, pressure/vibrations, touch and tissue injury. Probably the most crucial function, it protects the body from excessive fluid/water loss by having a dry and semi-imperable barrier.

Lastly, the muscle. The muscle is the “soul” of life. Muscles are known for their two functions: involuntary and voluntary. Without muscles, the heart wouldn’t beat, the brain wouldn’t function, and the stomach definitely wouldn’t churn food. These are all involuntary functions. Some voluntary functions may involve flexion and stretching.

The Painted Brain Academy is an organization that focuses on photojournalism tactics, journalism, and social media literacy.