The Struggles of Being Black

By Trissean McDonald

Black people have continuously encountered racially abusive individuals far too long, and it makes one wonder, ”has Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream really come true?”

Frustration from a black person makes that person a danger toward society. Stereotypes will always be associated with my people, and it pierces my heart with a million daggers. We are shut down by our own people, and the white man of superior power. Now, I’m not racist. In fact, my stepfather is white. However, the facts are there. But we are too blind to see.

I am a student at Los Angeles City College on March 6, I stopped by the math tutoring lab to get help for my pre-stats homework. ”I know that I have to be enrolled in this class, but I really need help with my homework because it’s making me go crazy,” I said. I was told by the tutor that he would be next in line. I wrote my name on the blackboard and waited. Frustration started to grow as the I waited. My phone was dying, and I had to do his homework from it.

I stepped out of the lab for a brief moment and my name was erased from the blackboard. I informed the tutor that I wrote my name on the board, however, my name got deleted from the previous list. The tutor told me again that I was the next student in line. I seemed to be waiting for more than fifteen minutes. I grew more frustrated. I noticed that she did not keep her word and confronted her about going from student to student disregarding my needs that acquired immediate attention.

The tutor was rather rude and gave multiple excuses as to why she did not help him. One of the reasons was that he did not put his name on the board a second time. ”Man, just shut up. I’ll just go to my TA and ask her for help in the morning,” I said. Before I could even leave, a white male student began to walk up to me and was completely in my face trying to start a fight.

Although I expressed my frustration towards the tutor, did that give a right to this white male student permission to invade my space in a threatening matter? Yet, I tried my best to defuse the problem, but the white student continued to provoke me. Then administrators enter the math lab. They watched the white student harassing me. They stood, watched, and allowed the commotion to continue. A black woman who was getting help with her pre-stats homework told me to sit at her table because she was studying the same subject. However, before I was able to get settled in to study with the woman, the LACC Sheriff’s Department entered the lab.

Our Sheriff’s Department was rather racist while trying to defuse the situation. They told me that he had to leave. However, they did not escort the white student out of the lab. When the sheriffs were asked why I was the only one to get escorted from the lab one deputy said, ”we got a call from the chairman to escort you out.” The chairman of the Mathematics Department is Kian Kaviani. However, a black administrator or professor said that he called the LACC Sheriff’s Department because of the loud commotion. The same administer trailed behind me as I was being escorted out. Four sheriffs weren’t enough for only one person to be escorted out?

People of color, of all color, we are too blind to see the fact that White America is destroying our people as we destroy ourselves. We are too blind to see the fact that we are a powerful and bright people who invented almost everything of use today. Did you know that Garrett Morgan, a black man, is the inventor of the safety hood smoke protection device? He invented this device to recuse workers that were trapped 50ft beneath Lake Erie in a water intake tunnel in 1916. In had multiple tubes that hung low toward the ground to gather clean air from around him. This device was eventually designed for the use of firefighters. Morgan enhanced his invention by adding a wet sponge to filter out smoke as well as cool the air.

Luis E. Miramontes, a Mexcian chemist, is a co-inventor of the drug progestin and norethisterone that is inside of oral birth contraceptive for women. But why we are too blind to see that our people must work together and stop division amongst each other?

Empower the world with your intelligence. Let the world know who you are. American racism should not discourage you to get an education. The horrible things of what they think of us, should make you fuck them over with some Socrates or Charles Darwin. People of color, unite and stop hating on one another. There’s already too much of that we experience from white supremacists. Instead, start a movement of equality.