Ralph’s-near Western/Wilshire 

By Trissean McDonald

The Painted Brain Academy has reached its last day March 25, 2016. The Academy decided to close out with a trip to a Ralph’s grocery store. However, it wasn’t the type of field trip that was expected. The actual atmosphere at Ralph’s, located at 670 South Western Avenue Los Angeles, California 90005, seemed rather hostilely defensive.

Hostile in the sense that, the store manager and security actually called authorities in front of me, without giving an actual reason as to why. Several employees made an attempt to stop me from collecting information related towards the homeless and mentally ill individuals that traffic throughout store, and how it actually affects the store and its employees.

However, I managed to speak with one anonymous employee, who was actually serving food at a cart vender. The employee stated that there’s not many encounters the she has had with homeless people or individuals she deems as mentally ill; nevertheless, she’s adamant about “treating people as myself.” Furthermore, she utilizes wisdom and “tries to discern” everyone’s potential dangerous quality she encounters.

It may be rather advisable for several of Ralph’s employees to start “treating others as themselves.” I haven’t violated any laws, but was continuously harassed both by the store’s security and manager. Unfortunately, the store manager removed his name from his nametag, making him seem rather anonymous. The store manager even went to extreme measures threatening to have me arrested, by calling local authorities that didn’t even show up.

The manager alleged that I was “harassing the customers” to authorities; nevertheless, not one customer was interviewed by me. Additionally, if an employee declined an interview, or was even busy, I kindly moved on to the next potential individual that was ok with being interviewed. Then, I realized if I was dismissed without question by the store manger, being a mentally ill individual myself, how are some individuals that are mentally ill or homeless treated when trying to hold a mutual conversation with another customer or employee?

Asking and probing for public information that’s not detrimental towards the store or employees, shouldn’t be dismissed without any given explanation as to why.
The Painted Brain Academy is a program that focuses on the tactics of photojournalism, journalism, and social media literacy.

Ralph’s Contact: 670 S Western Ave.

Los Angeles, California 90005


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MaCArther Park’s contaminated water 

By Trissean McDonald

Whilst strolling through MacArther Park, my group and I managed to interview a hispanic male, who may have perhaps been in his 50s. The man’s name is Raymond; however, his last name wasn’t given for the record. Since Raymond’s English is extremely limited, the information that he gave to us wasn’t really elaborative. However, when asked about the MacArther Park’s lake water, without hesitation, he conveyed his concerns. “Dirty.”

Raymond, although disturbed by the egregious putrefaction of the lake, its garbage polluted water, frequents the area at least 2 times a week for the past 5 years. Therefore, it could possibly be concluded that he has a bitter-sweet relationship with the MacArther Park area.

Additionally Travis, a member within my investigative group, spoke to a Michael McCarten; he’s a freelance photographer who specializes in animal photography. He displayed his concerns of the water and the environment of the lake, and how he thought it was affecting the abundant wildlife of the birds.

Travis showed Michael a sample of the lake’s water that he personally collected. Michael conveyed his disgust, stating that it’s hazardous to the society and the health of the animals. Michael is originally from the San Jose region, noting that today was his first time he’s ever been to the lake.

Lastly, the team interviewed Anthony Frontino: a close shaved, nicely groomed young man from the Hillcrest area of San Diego, who was visiting Los Angeles. This was his second time visiting the park. When everyone was asked about the lake’s water, it seemed rather unanimous in response. Horrendously disgusting.

The Painted Brain Academy is a program that specializes in journalism, photojournalism tactics, and social media literacy.


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Layers of Life

By Trissean McDonald

At the Painted Brain Academy on February 26, 2016, 2500 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, California 90057, a group by the name “Chicken Lobotomy” engaged in an experimental process that involved the actual dissection of a piece of chicken; the piece of desired corpse, a chicken leg.

The “Chicken Lobotomy” microscopically examined the skin, the bone marrow, the actual bone, and muscle/meat of a chicken. Afterwards they posted their images on social media, with hashtag descriptions of what was viewed under the microscope. Their conveyable objective is to inform their audience of some of the imperative components of life’s make-up, in which on numerous occasions gets ignored or less attention.

For instance, bone marrow. The marrow of the bone is a key factor of blood cell make-up and distribution; however education surrounding the topic of bone marrow, is usually only available in the case of terminal illness. The bone marrow is a tissue that’s inside the bone, producing mature blood cells that passes throughout the whole body via the blood vessel’s endothelium. Without the bone marrow you’ll produce zero blood cells, the most important factor of life itself.

Additionally, the bone as well, plays a key role to life’s make-up. The bone is not only the home of marrow, it’s the home for multiple internal organs. Its functions are to support and protect various sensitive internal organs such as: the brain ( skull), the heart and lungs (ribs), and vertebrate (spinal cord). As a reminder, the bone produces red and white blood cells, and is also a connector of tendons, ligaments, joints, and muscles. These components work together to manipulate the entire body in a three-dimensional space.

Collectively, to bring everything as one body, the skin is the master component. The function of skin consist of protecting the body against pathogens: anything (such as a type of bacteria or a virus) that cases disease. Additionally, it aids in regulating temperature, pressure/vibrations, touch and tissue injury. Probably the most crucial function, it protects the body from excessive fluid/water loss by having a dry and semi-imperable barrier.

Lastly, the muscle. The muscle is the “soul” of life. Muscles are known for their two functions: involuntary and voluntary. Without muscles, the heart wouldn’t beat, the brain wouldn’t function, and the stomach definitely wouldn’t churn food. These are all involuntary functions. Some voluntary functions may involve flexion and stretching.

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Jane Engleman 

By Trissean McDonald

Jane Engleman, a member affiliated with the Painted Brain Academy, allowed me to interview her on the field of journalism. Jane Engleman has been writing since a child. To be concise, she began writing in 1979. Although Jane doesn’t identify as a journalist/reporter she’s intrigued by cultural diversity, taking “desperate adventures” at ages 18-21.

As a self proclaimed poet, Jane has had 3 books published. She may at times be affected by criticism; however, she concentrates her focus of attention to children that are battered and abused. Jane is a native of Navajo, New Mexico. Within the interviews that she gives to others, Jane aims to establish relationships with artists, “to learn things together.”

The Painted Brain Academy is a program that educates members on photojournalism tactics, journalism, and social media literacy.
Trish McDonald