Mountain Missing

By Trissean McDonald

Update: Mountain’s sister, Maile Shay-Mountain has reportedly heard from witnesses that her brother has been sighted. She said that if police were to find him that they are going to take him to a psychiatric ward. Mountain has been under psychosis and has been witnessed talking to himself. However, Mountain is not violent, according to Shay-Mountain.

Thomas P. Mountain, age 40, has been reported missing since June 3, 2018, and his recent disappearance is causing family members to become concerned about his whereabouts.

Mountain, originally from Los Angeles, CA, decided to take a trip to Brooklyn, NY, where he was last seen at Kings Mobil Mart gas station located at 185 Flatbush Avenue Ext, Brooklyn, NY 11201. The gas station has been contacted. However, there was no answer after attempting to reach out for comments about Mountain’s last appearance and possible whereabouts.

Frustration, as well as desperation, has been lingering from family members and it’s becoming contagious as they infect others with apprehension. The New York City Police Department is throwing fuel to a fire of multiple concerns from the family by having the audacity to not accept a missing person report over the phone.

”New York City Police Department will not file an official missing persons report over the phone. I have talked [with] several different people [from] different precincts including detectives, a sergeant, multiple officers and 911 dispatchers.” said Maile Shay-Mountain, who is Mountain’s sister.

She continues, ”I need help. If I have to drive to New York City to file a report in person, I will. But, I am hoping to have family try to do this for me who live near the city.”

If you know any information about Thomas P. Mountain’s whereabouts, please contact your local police station. Or, you could reach his sister (Maile Shay-Mountain) at 434-989-0514.


Mermaid Swims Away With Traffic Current

By Trissean McDonald

Bohemia Incorporated is reeling in the public’s interest with beautifully crafted art that is mounted on the walls of freeways and other unusual places in order to display their meticulously sculpted figurines.

BINC’s artwork is exquisite in detail, beholding to the eyes that looks upon it, and all done without painting over public property. BINC introduces the world to a new form of street art that does not require graffiti. The artistry behind their sculptures makes the artwork look realistic.

“[We’re] bringing you some of the world’s best street art. No more spray cans, only sculptures in the form of street art, ” said one of BINC’s executives.

BINC found a place for a mermaid to swim alongside the west side of the interstate-10. However, the sculpture at times went unnoticed because of its size and positioning of its location. Therefore, those who were able to spot the mythical creature, their imagination would awaken within seconds.

“There’s no good answer for why we did a mermaid,” BINC said, according to a Los Angeles Times article. “We used a lot of scraps for that one and sometimes you look at a scrap and that inspires the image.”

Sculptures from BINC have a lifespan that could range from minutes to hours, or from days to years. The mermaid endured 3 years before its removal in March 2018. Although Ariel’s voice may have been snatched by Ursula, the voice of the mermaid lives on in some motorist hearts.

“We’ve gotten so much positive input on that one,” BINC said. “We even had someone send us a picture of it from the back of a motorcycle. That was the best.”

Pat Yourself on the Back

By Trissean McDonald

How often do you congratulate yourself?

How often do you give yourself validation?

Or, are you one who waits for others to give it to you?

Wouldn’t that cause anyone to be depressed and cynical of others?

So, what’s your choice? You do have to live with you until death.

The praise that you give yourself will carry you throughout your lifetime.

Stop relying on others to tell you or remind you of your purpose, because you’re living and doing for them instead of for yourself.

New Chapter

By Trissean McDonald

Turning a new page from a chapter in the book of your life causes a change in the atmosphere around you. New vibes radiate from your being and cause others to question who you are, what’s your deal, and how high will you rise to power?

Some people are afraid to see changes from those who were down in the gutter but are now in suits and ties. It shocks them to know that the lame could actually walk, the deaf could blissfully hear the sounds of nature, and the simple could be made intelligent. It is a threat to customary norms set by society.

Each page in your book is different, full of adventure. Some of those quests are prone to send you down a rabbit’s hole. However, every page is unique and also imperative to be turned. Rebel against society and welcome in a new adventure. Turn that page. For you’re ready to bring a better outcome to the world around you.

What Makes You a Winner

By Trissean McDonald

What makes you a winner?

You waking up this morning and placing your feet on the floor.

What makes you a winner?

Allowing motivation to work with you in order for you to endure.

What makes you a winner?

Isolating yourself to become introspective in order to become perceptible to many.

What makes you a winner?

Being a follower of those with wisdom.

What make you a winner?

You believing in you.

Keep Pushing, Keep Striving, Keep Moving

By Trissean McDonald

Have I not been to Hell and back?

Yet, I came back a warrior ready for battle.

Have I not been imprisoned and tormented?

Yet, I’ve been set free and now I fly like an eagle with freedom beneath my wings.

Have I not fallen and been trampled by a boulder that I continuously roll up a hill?

Yet, I raised my head, dusted my hands, and got back up only to try again.

Who am I?

I don’t know…

But I do have the courage of a warrior.

I have freedom as an eagle.

And I have the determination of Sisyphus.

I Feel…

By Trissean McDonald

I feel broken; yet, there’s hope.

I feel anger; yet, there’s joy.

I feel grief; however, there’s faith.

I feel anxious; yet, at peace.

I feel nothing…I…feel…something.

I feel you; you feel me.

I love you; you love me.

You keep me; I’ll keep you.

You guide me; I will follow.

I feel fear; yet, there’s bravery.

I feel dark; but, there’s a light.

I feel gentle; but, also rough.

I feel negative; yet; also positive.

I feel nothing…I…feel…something.

I feel you; you feel me.

I love you; you love me.

You keep me; I’ll keep you.

You guide me; I will follow.

Diabetes Disappears Like Magic

Diabetes Disappears Like Magic

By Trissean McDonald

Modern physicians of today’s medicine know how to make diseases disappear. However, breakthroughs still lay dormant as doctors continue to worsen patients’ symptoms by masking them with prescribed pharmaceuticals.

”Diseases are illusions. They don’t exist,” according to a youtube video posted by Rangan Chatterjee, M.D.

Chronic diseases result from a long-term suppression of treatable symptoms; however, many physicians usually approach these diseases as they would acute illnesses. For instance, insulin resistance is becoming more of an epidemic. Yet, even though chronic illnesses are extremely combative, these ailments are becoming more defeatable by the day. Therefore if approached properly, in order to prevent a continuous downward spiral in a patient’s well-being, healthcare professionals could aid in the alleviation of diabetes without the use of insulin.

”I am a type-2 diabetic, and they took me off medication simply because I ate right and exercised. Diabetes is not like a cancer, where you go in for chemo and radiation. You can change a lot through a basic changing of habits,” said Sherri Shepherd, a former co-host of ABC The View.

Type 2 diabetes is most likely to go into remission rather than Type 1. However, individuals with Type 1 diabetes will find it more difficult to enter remission because of cell damage to the pancreas which produces insulin.

”If we don’t address the causes for that particular patient, we’ll never get rid of the disease,” Chatterjee said.

Rather than giving patients drugs to suppress one issue, causing them to perhaps develop other complications because of side effects, medical scrutiny from a physician should not even come into question. However, it is. And many people with chronic illnesses are displaying exacerbated symptoms.

Every time the human body has to endure a lot of stress, cortisol levels increases. This is a chemical that is responsible for elevating blood sugar level, causing it to become insulin resistant. Another cause of insulin resistance is inadequate sleep.

”In some people, one-night sleep deprivation can give you as much insulin resistance as six months on a junk food diet,” Chatterjee said.

The least amount of hours a person sleeps, it is most likely for that person to produce an increased number of ghrelin, which is a hormone that stimulates appetite and promotes cravings for carbohydrates or high-calorie foods. Diabetes is incurable; however, it could, in fact, go into stages of remission. There are three known diabetic remissions according to Diabetes Care: partial, complete, and prolonged remission.

Partial remission occurs when a patient’s blood glucose level is lower than that of a person who is diabetic for at least 1 year without medication. Complete remission is when the blood glucose level returns to normal for at least 1 year without medication. Lastly, prolonged remission is when complete remission lasts for 5 or more years. Therefore, even if a person with diabetes has a normal blood glucose level for nearly 20 years, that person is still in remission.

Boston Children Hospital is one of many hospitals that is attempting to combat chronic diseases like diabetes without the use of insulin. The hospital is aware that blood stem cells in those who are diabetic are defective. However, there is a remedy the hospital has discovered.

”We found that in diabetes, blood stem cells are defective, promoting inflammation and possibly leading to the onset of diseases, ” said Paolo Fiorina, M.D., according to the BCH Vector.

BCH uses their patient’s own blood stem cells that are treated with gene therapy, to stimulate those cells to produce more PD-L1, a specific type of protein that has a robust anti-inflammatory effect. When introduced to the pancreas, treated cells begin to bind to T-cells, which are insulin inhibitors. The T-cells either die or become inactive.

“There’s really a reshaping of the immune system when you inject these cells, ” Fiorina said.

It seems as if diabetes is in the hopes of a fast-paced medical breakthrough.

Homeless Man Directs Traffic

Homeless Man Directs Traffic

By Trissean McDonald

Homeless individuals with mental illnesses are starting to become an epidemic in the city of Los Angeles, California for they are not receiving the proper medical attention simply because of their status.

On the corner of New Hampshire Avenue and 8th Street in front of Taco Bell, a homeless man who was mentally symptomatic began pacing back and forth in the middle of the street as cars had to avoid hitting him. The man was Hispanic who was shirtless, had on a black beanie, black jogging pants that he sagged slightly above the knees, and gray sweatpants he wore underneath the black jogging pants.

Drivers quickly became frustrated having to wait behind their steering wheel for the man to slowly walk away from in front of their vehicles. Several drivers sped up towards the man as a threat to get him out of the way, as others taunted the man with expletives and verbal threats. The homeless man would shout back at the drivers, even would hit and attempt to kick some of their cars.

The location where the homeless person stood became more dangerous by the minute. Therefore, he decided to relocate. He walked to Vermont Avenue and 8th Street where he stood in the middle of the street a while longer before walking across the street to the east side of Vermont Avenue. He stood in the middle of a sidewalk as pedestrians passed by. He spoke to some of them while others he verbally threaten. However, there were no physical threats imposed by any pedestrians or by the homeless man.

At one point, the homeless man even pulled down his pants to expose his penis. A police squad car horn sounded; however, police officials did not charge him with indecent exposure. There are obvious signs of mental instability that these type of individuals display to the public without having to be microscopically scrutinized. However, these individuals are regarded less as human beings. They’re constantly calling out for help psychologically; however, because some may not know how to express their concerns as the average person knows how to, a lot of these individuals will always be ignored as well as their needs unattended.

Suspect Starts Water Fight With Officer

Twelve officers and a helicopter from the Los Angeles Police Department Rampart Division responded to complaints from employees and customers at the 1000 Vermont Avenue shopping center about a public disturbance on March 12 at 1:15 p.m.

Suspect Starts Water Fight with Officer

By Trissean McDonald

More than six black and white Los Angeles Police Department SUVs parked on the street and on the lot of the East Hollywood strip mall on 1000 N. Vermont Avenue as helicopters circled overhead. The police activity was in response to calls about a public disturbance.

Subway sandwich shop employees in the shopping center initially contacted the police because of a man’s boisterous behavior. The man was yelling and going from door to door in the strip mall that houses, Subway, Boost Mobile, the Coolest Boba Shop and other businesses inside the car-packed shopping center. Witnesses said they observed him harassing workers, setting off a car alarm, and yelling obscenities according to valet attendant Jose Espinosa.

“The guy opened the Subway door, the Coolest [boba shop], the dental and he jumped over the car–the grey one,” Espinosa said, referring to the Mazda minivan that belonged to Jackie Martinez, who is the manager of the MoneyGram store.

Martinez witnessed the suspect trying to get inside her car however, he was unable to get inside. To avoid contact with the alleged suspect, Martinez waited until police arrived before checking on her vehicle. Martinez saw no damage to her car after examining it.

“He was trying to get inside but the door is locked,” Martinez said. “I was watching him. I was working. I came out and the police were here.”

Boost Mobile employees at the center witnessed the suspect screaming and yelling since 9:30 a.m. Twelve police officers responded and placed the man inside of an SUV, but not before witnesses said he threw water on one of the policemen. The entire incident occurred inside of the Subway restaurant.

Although his actions were a nuisance, officers identified no crime prior to their arrival. The alleged suspect began to walk away from police officers when they asked him for I.D. He then, walked into the Subway sandwich shop and began drinking the complementary water.

“[He was] just a guy everyone said was causing a disturbance inside the shopping mall,” Officer Gonzales said. “I don’t know what kind of disturbance because nobody when we got here had anything to say about it, just ‘He’s the guy that’s bothering everybody.’”

Los Angeles City College student, Alex Lopez, whose major is undecided witnessed the dispute between the man and the officer. He said that the alleged suspect was combative after being told by police to leave the Subway sandwich shop. He saw the man throw water at one of the officers. The officer then retaliated with a blow to the man’s face.

“He came into the Subway to drink water and he was losing his temper. He just kinda like, threw one of the waters at him. Barely threw it, barely missed him and the cop came up and punched him, ” Lopez said.

While the alleged suspect was inside of the Subway sandwich shop, police asked him to leave. He put up a fight and things escalated once he threw water on one of the officers. Officers then called for backup to help detain the man.

”We told him he had to leave and he put up a fight. He’s going to go to jail for battery to a police officer,” Officer Gonzales said.

Police are facing intense scrutiny across the nation for the way they deal with citizens in certain situations. Many say police are using excessive force to handle non-life threatening situations, according to a Regulatory Review article posted online. The LAPD Media Relations Department gave confirmation to Collegian via email that one of their officers used force to detain the suspect

“We can confirm the incident. The [alleged] suspect was resisting arrest and there was a use of force. There is an ongoing investigation,” said Officer Herrera of the Media Relations Department.

The officer involved in the incident did not have any reported injuries during the altercation.